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Gabriela Spanic?

I still remember years ago, way back in 1998 when I was in my elementary school. At that time, there was a huge fuss about Venezuelan dramas aired on TV. Me myself loved watching Venezuelan dramas too. One of the famous dramas that I like the most was La Usurpadora (literally means the usurper) and it was played by Gabriela Spanic as the heroine. I really love the drama coz the actors were all talented and beautiful. After watching the drama, I got addicted to Spanish dramas. Then, they got Yo Soy Betty La Fea, Mis Tres Hermanas, Rosalinda, La Intrusa (also played by the deathly beautiful actress Gabriela Spanic), Rubi, La Mujer en el Espejo, and many more aired on the television. 

The thing is, when I watched the series, I found myself to be kind of liking the language. It was some kind of lure that had pulled and captivated me to keep watching. You know what? I even memorized the opening theme song of La Usurpadora and wrote it on a piece of paper, and then glued it onto the wall of my room lol! Well, I got no choice since we got no internet at home at that time to surf on the lyrics whatsoever, and I was way too engrossed with these Spanish stuffs, I had to write the lyrics on my own then. Reminiscing that innocent act during my childhood can make me smile ear to ear. That piece of paper had disgusted my brother who accidentally saw it. Haha, seriously I know it was a little bit too much. Well, maybe due to excessive Venezuelan dramas, I get influenced by the beauty of Spanish language. 

But the truth is, I do not get infatuated by only Spanish language but also by every foreign language I hear and see in any foreign movie/drama on TV. See how serious I'm infected with many languages? And I don't mind if I get to go to any foreign language class coz I like being multilingual (though it's not easy to master many languages). Frankly speaking, at first, I thought the language they were using in the drama was Arabic language since the way they pronounce the words were akin to some of the Arabic words. Somehow, I got to realize that it was actually Spanish. Kekeke. What a noob listener. 

When I was in my early childhood also, me and my peers loved watching TVB dramas (Chinese/ Hong Kong dramas). And when I watched such dramas, I got once again influenced by Cantonese and Mandarin languages. Personally, I like Cantonese more (maybe because I love watching Stephen Chow's movies since his acting is funny lol and he came from Hong Kong). Even nowadays Stephen Chow had never disappointed his fans with all of his master pieces like Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, CJ7 and so many more.

A scene in Kung Fu Hustle when they tried to fool those people by claiming that they were from the deadly thugs gang called Axe Gang. Stephen Chow is always funny and his acting is epic!

A lot of people say that Chinese is the most difficult language to learn and master. Hm, that is probably true coz we got to learn all those Chinese characters and stuffs. I really wish to be able to speak as many languages as I can and that will enable me to communicate with all people around the world when I get to travel someday (if luck and money are with me). Seriously, I got a dream. I want to travel all around the world and see the wonders Allah had created. If I get to master all languages (even several will do), there would be no problem for me if I were to mingle around with people with different background and cultures. InsyaAllah, if there is opportunity, I'll just grab it tight. 

Nowadays, teenagers are crazy about Korean dramas and I am one of them. I even find myself liking Japanese movies/dramas. Not only dramas, I also love Korean singers. Nowadays I like listening to 2PM, the beastly Korean boy band. To tell you the truth, I got addicted to most 2PM songs and even enjoy myself singing along the song. Crazy enough, right? It is somewhat interesting (and sometimes annoying) when one is easy to be influenced by such hot Korean entertainment wave especially via friends, TV, books, magazines and of course Internet. Watching those Korean reality TV shows, dramas and movies had given me another love-struck on Korean language and culture. 

I believe everyone will agree that Koreans love to eat and they can make we feel like eating whatever they are having on the table. Am I right? Kimchi, Korean dumplings, Ddukboggi, you name it (haha, I only know several of them lol). I found that Korean language to be interesting too. In fact, I started to fall in love with Korean language after listening to Korean songs. Actually, Korean dramas got very sweet melodious OST songs and they sure make a really good deal to captivate the heart of the fans/viewers. After watching Boys Over Flowers, I started downloading the OST and even practiced singing the song. That was really whatever to most people but I don't care. For me, listening to the songs can help you learn the language. It was the same strategy that can be used to master English very well.  But it is not easy to master any language if you do not get proper teaching like going to the foreign language class.

Japanese language is another language I found to be captivating. For me, when Japanese people (especially Japanese girls) speaking Japanese, they sound so mellow and kawaaaaiiii...! (kawaaaaaiii means cute in Japanese). Apart from that, most Japanese dramas/movies are of motivational themes. I like to name one of them. Ever watched 1 Littoru no Namida (One Litre of Tears)? The drama is so touching and it gives the viewers inspirations and motivations to go through the hardships in our live. Seriously, this drama is so touching and tears dropping. I watched it so many times and I can still shed my tears. See the power of Japanese drama? Maybe because the drama was based on the true story of Aya Kito who had suffered from a very rare disease called spino cerebellar atrophy (a type of nerve disease) that had given the big impact on the viewers. 

Another interesting Japanese drama is My Boss My Hero. The drama is freaking awesome! Why? Coz I even watched it over and over and over again without feeling bored. Not even a tinge, okay? Seriously bebeyh, this drama is a big hit. It is about a Yakuza leader-to-be, Sakaki Makio who had to go back to his high school in order to get a diploma since he is a total idiot and he cannot succeed his father's leader position unless he graduated from the school. The drama is freaking hilarious! I even got stomach cramp due to excessive laughing. Bhaha!

Just by looking at his funny scowling face can make me laugh. (>_<)

One of the funny scenes when Sakaki kun was so obsessed with Agnes puddings and trying to grab one of those delicious limited edition desserts. It was way too childish to have a fight over some puddings. Please, don't try this at home, try it somewhere else (?) 

Japanese people have their own charm. They like to keep their culture alive. That's why it is hard to find a Japanese person who knows speaking English so fluently. Why? You ask me why? Coz Japanese people really treasure their unique traditions and cultures especially their own language (language symbolizes culture) so that it won't die until their very last generation. That's why when foreigners come to Japan, they have to be able to speak Japanese instead of English. It is not that I appreciate other language more than my mother tongue language (I got A+ for my Malay language in SPM okay?). It is the uniqueness every single language holds that makes me interested to learn the languages. 

Basically, I think I love every language that I ever come across in my life. The first language is of course Malay language. The second one is English and this is my first love of all foreign languages. I began to love English since I was in my Standard 4 (if I'm not mistaken). Listening to my English teacher speaking English during English class had made me dazzled. That was a kick start for me to like foreign languages.  Then during my secondary school, I learnt Arabic more diligently. We actually had started learning Arabic since Standard 6 (during PAFA). Arabic is the most interesting language coz it is the language of the Holy Quran. Being able to understand Arabic will benefit you. You can understand more the meaning of the Quran. Apart from that, you will get blessings and pahala just by learning the language.  

Mostly, people learn from their surroundings. Well, for me, I'm surrounded with Malay people so it's quite hard to be able to practice speaking English until I become fluent coz people just speak Malay. It was not a trend at that time and people were scared to speak English since they are way too afraid that they might make mistakes (mistakes supposed to be made a learning tool). Furthermore, if you speak English, you friends will scowl at you and say, "Eleh, berlagak cakap Mat Salleh haram jadah. Pigidaah...!" Something like that which means "So arrogant of you to speak English, whatever!". That was kind of butt hurting though (T_T).

teruk bebenor muka sedihnya

That kind of attitude was somewhat a killing attitude. So I focused on writing instead of speaking. In order to be able to write well, you got to read well (reading fairy tales books were somewhat helping). By the way, listening to English musics is also a good tip to master the language. Apart from that, watching TV can also help you understand the way people use the language and what type of speech should be used in certain situations. Listening to how they pronounce each word would ease you in speaking the language.

See, even Nichkhun listens to English songs.

Language is a wonder. Just imagine, we, HUMANS, are of the same species; homo sapiens, but we speak different languages. There are about 5-6 thousands of distinct languages spoken all over the world! That is so intriguing and mind blowing. Starting from the Prophet Adam's generation up until now, the one and only language had developed into so many different languages that are mostly way distinguished from each other. How did this happen? Only Robbul Quddus knows. Just like what had been stated in the Holy Quran from An-Nisa' (Women) verse 1;

O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife [Hawwa' (Eve)], and from them both He created many men and women; and fear Allah through Whom you demand (your mutual rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, Allah is Ever an All-Watcher over you...

footnote 1: no poster of any Venezuelan dramas coz they women actresses are way too sexy. wuhu~

footnote 2: If there's a chance, I would like to learn foreign languages, though I know it's not an easy thing to do. peace!

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Aku suka gak bahasa rusia, tapi tak obses sngat nak blajar sebab mana ader aku tengok/dengar lagu atau drama Rusia.....jadi x beri impact mana lar...

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