Friday, July 08, 2011

Science without religion is lame

Science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind (Einstein)


During one of the talks in MYSA'11 which was delivered by Prof Dato' Dr Syeikh Omar bin Abdul Rahman, I got very interested with this quote by Albert Einstein. It's so true that through science, one can be able to see the wonders of what God had created. That's why, science and religion are not separate entities. We need science in order to understand more about religion. 

Prof Dato's Dr Syeikh Omar or simply Pak Syeikh is from Manik Urai, Kelantan. What makes me admire him is that he likes to relate science with Islam. One of it was about one verse from Surah Al-Baqarah.  

They do not acquire anything from His knowledge except as/when He wishes only

Pak Syeikh said that this is really true when it comes to doing scientific research. I still remember what he said,

 "That's why we call it research because when we search we don't find the result so we REsearch. Then when we failed  to see the result we keep REsearching, keep REsearching, keep REsearching and keep RESEARCHING until at one time, you'll get the final result that you've been waiting for!" 

Another meaningful quote by Pak Syeikh was this:

"A bird flies in the sky, a man looked up, the bird shitted in his eyes, the man neither mad nor sad but he said, "Thank God, cattle don't fly."

Arghh, get away from me!!

The quote means that when a scientist is doing a research, he/she must not give up over small problems. One must keep going in order to complete the research coz LIFE IS A JOURNEY OF IMPERFECTION. So, it is something common for a scientist to encounter one or two problems in his/her life. We must not give up easily as an scientific research requires not only knowledge and skills but also strong perseverance. 

Other than that, science is something very interesting coz it's related to many things in many ways. Like what had been stated by Prof Haji Basharuddin on the last day of our program, he said that he is currently studying the origin of Malay people on where did we originate from. Through science, Insya-Allah, everything is possible. He said we will be able to retrace the steps of our ancestors way back to hundreds of years ago in order to find the origin of Malay people. This can be done through genetics (DNA) and that's science! It involves all disciplines of science like Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and also Physics. Other that that, it would be a huge contribution in the history of Malay people. See how science is related to our life?

In fact, what makes science interesting is when science can be related to archaeology. Prof Basha said that the death of Alexander the Great (Iskandar Dzulkarnain) was not because of murder attempt through poisoning. It was actually due to the extra dose of medication that he consumed before his life took its toll. Prof Basha said that the medication was extracted from a type of herb which grew only somewhere in Macedonia (if I'm not mistaken). That type of herb and where it came from can be traced and detected through science. See how science can solve most of the mysteries lie in the whole universe? That what makes me really interested in science. 

Another eminent scientific figure whom I met there is Prof Dr Halimaton Hamdan. She is an expert in Nanotechnology and material science. I tell you what, she is 50 but she doesn't look like one. She looks so young and energetic. 

All and all, I got so many benefits from this program. I'm gonna miss MYSA very much.


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