Monday, August 22, 2011

curb your smoking habit

I suddenly feel like writing about something I've been holding in all this while. It concerns a topic on ETHICS. So what I'm gonna be talking about is an ethical issue. And as a member of the public, I presume I got the right to tell the tale so that those people involved shall be reminded that their actions can jeopardize other people (and I'm one of the people). I also hope that those 'convicted' people would realize that the world DOES NOT revolve around them. Don't be selfish.

When we speak of ethics, we must know that when one breaks an ethical rule, he/she will not be arrested by the police. Yela, just imagine sorang mak cik ni nak pegi shopping mall tapi dia cuma pakai kaftan/baju tidur. Mende tu tak salah dari segi undang-undang. Makcik tu just langgar etika berpakaian. So the action won't be seen as a crime and police can't take action, am I right folks? That's why ethical issue is a serious problem. It needs commitment from everyone so that we all can live in harmony. No police officer can arrest those who do not follow the ethics. 

Just like what happened to me so many years ago and until now. I'm a student. My hometown is in Terengganu and I studied somewhere in Negeri Sembilan. So to travel back and forth, I opt for bus transportation. Just so you know, every time I board the bus, I always experience annoying thing in a very annoying way. The bus driver smokes! Most bus I boarded, the bus driver will smoke all the way from one bus terminal to another and the journey always takes time between 6-7 hours! Just imagine how long do I and other passengers have to inhale the hazardous smokes from those cigarettes. Compared to the smokers, second-hand smokers are actually way more exposed to the risks of getting cancers and all those lethal diseases! So all these time I'd been travelling via buses, I'd already become a second-hand smoker! That is not a choice; it's a cruel fate. If only the act of smoking in public is made to be against the law, there will be nobody dares to smoke in public.

I hate smokers!

You don't know how irritated I get every time I had to inhale those suffocating smokes. Just imagine that you are inside the air-conditioned bus and you had no fresh air except the killer air mixed with those smokes coming from that bloody cigarettes, and at the same time you can see a signboard saying "DILARANG MEROKOK" or "NO SMOKING" at the front. Ironic isn't it?? It feels like they were making fun of everyone. WHY would you put the signboard which was so clear to read if you yourself don't follow what it says? It was outrage, it was too much! You ask people to follow the rule when at the same time you were the one who breaks the rule. I'm absolutely disgusted with this kind of attitude. It's DESPICABLE!

To all bus drivers out there, if you happen to read this entry, I beg of you. I'm begging! Please do not smoke inside the bus. There are so many people that can be influenced by the act of your reckless smoking. If you were so itchy to smoke, go find some place where no living thing can be found. Don't you realize that you were doing despicable things in the public? Don't you realize that you're putting us passengers in a big danger? There are not only me, there are also small children, pregnant women, and old folks who board the bus so please lah pakcik-pakcik bas sekalian. Tolong hentikan tabiat merokok anda di khalayak ramai! You are killing people. Yes, you are. You are killing me! 


p/s: di bulan puase yang mulia ni pun diorang nak hisap rokok dalam bas. siang hari pulak tu. nampak sangat lah tak poser. masha-allah, bukakanlah hati hamba-Mu yang malas nak pose nie kasi diorang hidayah nak pose macam orang Islam yang lain.


DeaDay said...

so true..dah la sensitip ngn udara xbersih..lemas true so true



ada certain words aku tak paham...
I understand the entire story, though...
you have told me before, aight?

Jαnnαhツ said...

why did you say bloody to my post? urgh.....

yeah, i already told you before.

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