Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ryan Higa and Negation

Lets get some fancy English lessons from Ryan Higa!

Ryan loves using negation in his sentences as a way of making humor. It was some kind of confusing at first but at the end you'll find yourself laughing over your own confusion.

Let's see...

The iNavigator

"With iNavigator, you'll never not get not lost never again!" 

Satisfied Customer
The Snuggo

"With the Snuggo, you’ll never not be cold again!"

Hook on Fonik

"I do not no longer not know how to not read,"


How to understand the REAL meaning:

Take a sentence for example:
If we delete the two negations,
 which are DON'T and DIS in DISLIKE,
 the sentence will merely give the meaning of
 "I like you."

  Highlight the words that negate the
 sentence up to an even number, say it 2 or 4. 
Read the sentence again without the 
highlighted words.

1: "With iNavigator, you'll never not get not lost never again!" .

meaning you’re definitely going to get lost with this iNavigator

2:  "With the Snuggo, you’ll never not be cold again!"

it means you’re gonna get cold wearing the product

3: "I do not no longer not know how to not read,"

 this one is correct. Hook on fonik did teach you how to read.

 Now you know how to read coz you no longer know how to not read!

at the end, I still get confused...



Ryan suka sngat mengelirukan org...mujur lah lawak semua tu...kalau tak..


Jαnnαhツ said...

eat slug?

oh, no. it's disgusting dude.

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