Sunday, September 25, 2011

da open houses


Hi everyone! How's your raya? I bet most of us are still celebrating Eid since there would be about one week before Syawal leaves us with its fantastical scent of reminiscent memories. As for me and my beautiful bunch of happy friends, we went to the open houses of our lecturers in Nilai and Wangsa Maju. I must admit that the mood of raya was somewhat receding, but still the flicker of raya ambiance did fill the air with all those melancholic raya songs and various raya meals galore that you can choose from (and of course the view of people in their baju raya also added the value).

Actually we arrived at Dr Che Wan's house on Friday evening to help her in food preparations. We even got to stay at her homestay for free yaw! It was such a wonderful gathering, I must say, though not everybody was there for some reasons. Yeah, if we put it together, it was kind of fun to be having happy hours together, eating the delicious free foods while doing some relaxed chattering without having to think of lectures or classes. It is a nice view to see and to be part of. Not only that, Dr Che Wan was so nice to us. I presumed that she really loves cooking. She cooked pizza, cakes, and nasi dagang all by her own. I tell you what, her chocolate cake was freaking delicious! It tasted pretty much like those sold at bakeries. Wah, I seem to be craving for those tasty pieces of chocolate cake! Very tantalizing.

After fulling our belly in Dr Che Wan's house, we went to Dr Nik's open house at Wangsa Maju. If you ask me how to get there from Nilai, it's quite easy. Just buy a ticket to KL Sentral and pay RM9.80 (for the two-way ticket),  board the train and alight at KL Sentral. Quickly buy a ticket to Sri Rampai and board the LRT. Soon enough you'll reach the station and just wait for someone very kind-hearted to fetch you. That someone is ATHIRAH! Hi Athirah, if you happen to read this post, I want to mewakili kawan-kawan to loudly shout TERIMA KASIH TIRAH!! for fetching us back and forth between station and Dr Nik's house. Jasamu tetap dikenang.

We left Dr Nik's house approximately at 5.30 p.m.. We boarded the train to Nilai from KL Sentral at about 6.15 p.m.. For me, it was somewhat tiring, maybe because we opt for the train to get there and since it was Saturday, there were so many people at the train station. I just exhaled in depression at the sight of the crowd thronging the place. It makes me having headache, seriously. Having to stand sturdily like a pole inside the train all the way from KL Sentral to Nilai whose journey spans for 1 hour and a half really gave me severe headache and foot cramp. What a spoiled lil brat, you may say to me, but that's the truth. Maybe I'm a 22-year-old gal, but with a body of 82-year-old woman. It's pathetic.

Okay, lets view some photos taken by various photographers...

At Dr Che Wan's house:

At this moment, Qadri said something funny before he snapped 
the photo, making us laughed (but I laughed a lil bit too earlier than others). Ugly me in this photo.


wah wah wah

Green hornets yang tak berapa nak hornets

At Dr Nik's house in Wangsa Maju:


Jαnnαhツ said...

something happened on that day. I smuggled some Hersyey's chocolates and put them inside my friend's handbag. due to hot weather, the chocs melted! and you know what happened next. they chocs stained her handbag, making her damn furious. and I was blamed (of course lah). haha, that comes without saying la beb.

little ain said...

akak, umah dr.nik norma ke? ke dr.nik mane?

-junior 2nd year. hehee

Jαnnαhツ said...

ye, kitorang beraya kat rumah Dr Nik kat wangsamaju. huhu

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