Monday, October 03, 2011

guilty pleasure

STEAMBOAT?? Waah~ *anticipation*

Today, we made a very sudden yet brilliant decision to have steamboat for dinner. This is the forth time we had our sumptuous/marvelous/exciting/nail-biting/mouth-watering (just add your own description okay) dinner at the very prominent steamboat eatery. Some may say, "Are you guys never tired of eating steamboat again and again and again??" well all we should say would be, "NO!". Simple right? 

Actually the idea came from me (keke). This evening, around 6.30 p.m., when they were discussing on where to go for dinner, I suggested Hajah Maznah's Steamboat at MAEPS coz I like steamboat and so do my other housemates (oh yeah I'm so sure about this). We were very excited to have steamboat you know, even we had went there for so many times already. 

You'll never get tired of eating steamboat at MAEPS coz it was so delicious and there are so many types of seafood you can choose from; fish, cuttlefish, prawns, crabs, mussels, cockles etc. Not only it provides seafood, it also has so many types of other side dishes like mushrooms, fish balls, seaweed, noodles, nasi beriani, nasi minyak, fried noodle, rojak buah, and so many others that you have to see yourself so that you will believe what I say dude. So what are you waiting for? Lets get started!

Happiness clearly sparks from their faces

Oh, just so you know, I was indulging in the sweetness and creaminess of chocolate chips-flavoured and mint-flavoured ice cream. They were freaking awesome and I just can't stop eating yaww. Try it and you will never forget the taste. Believe me peeps! *see how fast that hand moving*

My gf-cum-bfffff-cum-yeojachingu-cum-roomate *bagi yang annoyed and dengki kat kitorang tu, sila muntah sekarang* pffft

Farah and Ain seronok!!! tagline ain ialah "seronok" hikhik comel je dia sebut seronok tu. Err wait! See that poor noodle in the plate? That was my fault. I took too much noodle until we didn't get to finish it all. It was so muaks! Pengajaran: Jangan tamak haloba. Membazir amalan syaitoon. Mujur tak kena caj sebab tak habiskan semua makanan-makanan tu (mi je kot yang tak berapa nak habis). 

Yeojachingu ngah makan eskrem. Jangan dekat!

Jom kita balik! (dah kenyang boleh la balik)

Kenyang perut suka hati, lain kali boleh la makan steamboat lagi. Yokk makan steamboat lagi yokk? *aku harap korang takkan muntah dengar aku sebut steamboat lagi pasnie* 

I ate too much and I guess my stomach is suffering from the guilty pleasure. Well, at first I ate the very scorching seafood from the boiling pot. Then I ate the cold ice-cream *so refreshing*. After that, I sipped the hot teh tarik whose hotness flowed through my throat which eventually settled down in my belly. Next thing I did was gobbling another strips of hot noodles and slurping bowls of scorching tom yam soup. After that, I ate the freezing Ais Kacang taken by Izah. Then I continued another series of devouring the hot food from the boiling soup. The stomach must be very confused right? Yelah, mana taknya, sekejap sejuk, sekejap panas, then sejuk plak. Kesian perutku. 

Oh dear tummy, this hungry mummy is very sorry for hurting you so much tonight. Don't throw any tantrums tomorrow okay? Don't go growling just like you did before. I really can't tolerate any diarrhea again. Sorry dear tummy. Love you. Mmuah! *rubbing the bulging tummy*

p/s: already ate 5 pills of ubat pelawas. hope to get well soon bebeyh.

ciao. i wanna sleep dude.

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