Sunday, October 23, 2011

just wanna share

oh my goodness! what's this? what's the dirty black piece of c***??! 

if you wanna know, let me introduce you to my synthesized product.

that black substance you saw just now is my activated carbon, synthesized using phosphoric acid. though it looks so black, it has many applications. it is good you know? (whatever la aku nie takde modal nak tulis ape tapi nak tulis jugak so aku tulis la pasal thesis aku)

masa filtration, guna vacuum pump. alas, the effluent looks so black. i had to re-filter it. it took about 2 hours or so. so tiring, but it must be done in order to complete my thesis. way to go Jannah!

our lovely instrument, mr tube furnace that always ponder while looking outside the window pane of FST lab 

the window which the fumes coming out from (see that red duct tape? it means this is a very HAZARDOUS area. don't come any closer)

okay now. i gotta go bebeh. so sleepy meepy.

*mana bantal?*


eencyweency said...

blh main tgkp2 gambo ea kat lab?noti jannah ni!haip!

Ronaldhrah Wisely said...

macam meriam jer alat tu~ tak wak thesis ni.?

Jαnnαhツ said...

noti la jugak. huhu.

wey rah. mujur gak mu kate mende tu cam meriam. ada yg kata nampak cam ba alif ba ya (khinzir)

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