Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Please respect the bacteria"

Yes. We all must respect bacteria. Sounds funny you say? That was what said by Dr Che Wan last week. And those words have been lingering in my mind for days.  It is actually  a good thing to ponder.

Indeed it is true. Just imagine, because of the small organisms which you can't even see with your naked eyes, you can get sick for weeks or months. See the power of microorganism created by Allah? So don't be riak au takabbur. Don't be so arrogant with whatever it is that you have in your life for you can be defeated easily by those little creatures floating in the air, lurking underground, swimming in the water.

However, bacteria are not all notorious. Many of them are good ones. In fact, those good bacteria have their own contributions, like in fermentation, whose products are essential in our life.

You must start learning to respect yourself, Plankton!

Actually, bacteria is plankton, and plankton is bacteria. Plankton comprises animals, bacteria or plants that live at the sea grounds. When they die, they will be drifted into the sand and mud at the bottom of the sea (bikini bottom maybe?). Sooner, they would be buried deeper and deeper, and due to increase in temperature and pressure which took place in million of years, petroleum will be produced! See the miracle that plankton holds? Amazing, to me.

Just imagine the world without petroleum. There will be no civilization I guess. But sooner or later, the oil reserves worldwide will surely exhaust and we Earthlings must find alternatives to the petroleum as energy source. Coz every thing has its own limitation. There will be time when the oil supplies start to deplete and the era of cheap oil would be nowhere to be found. 

Beautiful plankton


shahjiehan said...


Adean said...

Hey.respect bacteria...he2.respect yg boleh memberi kita kesenangan saja.yg bleh membawa penyakit jgn...cam kita memilih kawan juga.

Jαnnαhツ said...

hm, bagus respek bakteria nie. huhu. din, mu cuti lagi ke? lame benor. jeles ai tau??

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