Monday, October 24, 2011

que sera sera

Whatever will be, will be.

There comes a time whenever I feel that my life is so unfair. I kept asking myself, why is this happening to me? Why is that happening to me? Why isn't this and that and this happen to me instead? I keep ranting about this again and again. All I ever do is whining and frowning and scowling on almost every thing in my life. I just feel unsatisfied. 

But then again, it's all about FATE; the fate that has been preordained even before you were born. So you mustn't feel sad or wallow yourself in despair on things that happened in your life coz they happened for reasons. The things must happen and therefore will happen. Whatever will happen, will happen. Whatever will be, will be. It's lumrah alam. 

Why you would whine every time you face difficulties? Why don't you say "why am I so blessed?" whenever you get so much blessings and prosperity in life? Nobody would do that right? We only whines on things we despise, things that make we feel uncomfortable. That is what happens to humans and their greed. WE never get contented on what we get. The more we get, the more we crave on it. That is what resulting from unbridled lusts of humanity. Do we realize these peeps??

All in all, we must accept the truth of our life. We mustn't take things for granted. Be grateful bebeh. And be happy in everything in your life.

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p/s: Whatever will be, will be (Spanish- QUE SERA SERA)


Cinderella'sSister said...

yea...again and again
everything happen for reasons...

Jαnnαhツ said...

yes, i know cinderella sister. everything happens for a reason. we cannot live without accepting the truth.

Cik Kamoo said...

sstu berlaku dengan sebab, tapi kita perlu redha dgn ketentuan Allah. setiasa berusaha yg terbaik ... kerana usaha itu hak kita,

Jαnnαhツ said...

ya, mari berusaha menjadi yg terbaik. do the very best out of yourself. yeah.

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