Monday, October 31, 2011


Why am I terkedu? 

Well, today we had a class with Dr Nik. 
I was quite surprised after being given the very first assignment
 on Oleochemical and Petrochemical Industry.

The thing that made me more surprised was the DUE date; November 14.
Well, that's nothing, except for it was right after we come back from semester break.

All I need to do is to sacrifice some of the semester break to complete
 the task given or else I'll die. 

Wanna know what made me more nervous? There will be test on 
November 17, 3 days after the due date for assignment

IDK but I feel kind of nervous. These TWO burdens feels too 

Oh God, help me in this.

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Adean said...

Do ur best my sister.don't terkedu-kedu lagi.

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where you can reach me.