Friday, November 11, 2011

dedikasi buat seorang sahabat

to my best friend DZILAL AMIR, thanks for being such a good friend.
hopefully our friendship will be blessed by Allah S.W.T

p/s: saiz bukanlah ukuran penentu kelangsungan sesebuah persahabatan. it's heart that counts.
 ingat tu baik-baik.


BFF said...

thanx for the sweet dedication(terharu). Yeah, I am not somebody but i would be ur best buddy.

p/s: yes, the size, look, appearance, voice(even on Helium) doesnt matter, it`s heart that counts. ill remember tht.


Jαnnαhツ said...

yes, u r rite.

the quote i put on that pic is to describe who u really are. you are the one who believe in me whenever I stop believing myself. thanks for that, *kajang chin-han chingu.


Erma Fatiha said...


mellow melodies

where you can reach me.

where you can reach me.