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DATE: 25-27 November 2011
VENUE: Impian Country Resort, Hulu Langat, Selangor.

It was a wonderful event, I must say. Being together in the 3-day event is really meaningful because we get to know the new faces and get to mingle around without feeling bashful. Although not all of us from the four batches were there, the chemistry between us were already created unanimously. I guess we all should thank to the amazing activities together with excellent time management by organizational committee members for making such a great memory. Congrats, comrades!

Here are the collection of some pictures taken by Athirah Amran. Enjoy peeps XD

The Biggest Losers a.k.a senaman pagi

Izah, Shima dan SimplySEHA

Ema in action. Ema ngan Athirah antara yg berjasa besar dalam mengabadikan kenangan manis ini

Women rule!

I like this game but failed to balance myself LOL

One of the games included was to bounce the person in the middle of the formed circle. It was fun actually (but not for the one in the middle, obviously). 

First year juniors (innocent kan muka adik-adik akak. perghh)

A challenge: Making a circle with the people facing outward

Four young lads indulging the serenity of nature

Nice weather heh? One of the captured views at Impiana Country Resort. During early in the morning, we could see mists on top of the hills. Nice~

Seriously this picture is AWESOME! I personally give 5 stars to this photo. Looks like a brand new Isotonic drink commercial break. IMPRESSIVE!

They are actually holding water bombs in the game we called Virtue Fighters. The game was really OHSEM. It's freaking hilarious to see those groups get bombarded with the flying water bombs launched by the frantic hands of the remaining players. It happened a lot when a group didn't respond to the calling of the other group. I just can't stop laughing watching them having fun among themselves. It looks like a revival of their childhood. 

They were all so sporting and not to mention, naughty. Some of them even filled pails with water to splash on the members of the eliminated group! All get wet and messy with the water and sands. It was a fun scene to watch though.

See how happy they are enjoying the game.
Nakal siott.. Kemain selamba dia siram kawan dia hahahhaha

Excited spectators

 Ha, ni tengah berkomplot pasal ape plak nie?

During Virtue Fighters, we had to play in the middle of the field and guess what peeps, it was blazing hot! I guess that's why I got that severe migraine. Huhu. Poor me. With the pounding head, I had to go for Jungle Trekking. It's not that I can't exclude myself, it's just that it felt like a waste if I didn't join my friends into the jungle. It was an opportunity of a lifetime babe! *exaggerating* Seriously, the activity was so adventurous you all. It was like going abseiling instead of jungle trekking. The hill was so high and the land was so steep that I tripped and fell most of the time. Inside the jungle, the weather was cool although the sun was right on top of our head. But not long after we got inside the jungle, it rained. We had to rush and fortunately, the rain stopped a while after that. Syukur. 

Personal thought: Aku tak suka jungle trekking sebab selalu akan migrain gile2 lepas panjat bukit. 

A very impressive method of covering your head inside the jungle. Well done Farah, well done!

After jungle trekking, we gave ourselves reward. We went to dip into the stream there. It was cold and fun. I even got to learn to float inside the water. It was a precious experience.

Behold the beauty of the stream at Impiana Country Resort, which prompted us to dip in the clear water (no pictures of us dipping mipping since they are quite personal hehe)

Solat jemaah (Maghrib)

For the second day, we got night walking, the very exciting activity which I did not join. Why? Migraine actually (kan da kata tadi haha). In fact I felt quite regretful coz they say during the walk inside the jungle, they could see glowing mushrooms and tree barks, and I was like, "WOW!!!!". Simply breathtaking. 

Beautiful... *tengok Google image je la*

3rd day: Treasure hunt

Looks like there was an issue there. Guess what it is.

That's it. LOL

Lastly, a photo with juniors (senpai + kouhai) 

Pictures are credit to Athirah Amran

P/S: dialog adalah rekaan penulis


kelipkelipchumel said...

hye geum jan di si kunang kunang.. ^_^

Erma Fatiha said...

wow.terbaik meh.nak tido la dulu.sakit urat

Erma Fatiha said...
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little ain said...
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UniMeOw said...

waaa nak ikottt~~~


Jαnnαhツ said...

erm betul lah ema. aku sakit gile badan pas jungle trekking. tapi pengalaman tu berharga. sungguh berharga. :)

Ronaldhrah Wisely said...

bestnyer kalu kelas 4 ikhlas wak camni gak...
is that you in the middle??

afzan said...

teringat djaman muda-mudi dulu..:)

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