Wednesday, November 09, 2011

tricks revealed

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone!

Today I'm gonna share with you about some tricks done in movies and dramas. 

Sakaki Makio from the famous Japanese drama, MY BOSS MY HERO

Maybe some of you already heard about this. It's all thanks to the wonder of chemistry created by Allah. Korang pernah tengok citer kartun Donald Duck? Ever wonder how could the person dub with the voice of a duck? Is there even a person with such a squeaky voice akin to a duck? Actually, just by inhaling a particular type of gas would do the trick. What is the gas? The answer is helium.

Helium is six time lighter than air. Inhaling helium can change the pitch of your voice making it sound like Chipmunk and Donald Duck. It was kind of fun to inhale helium from helium balloon and laugh at your own silly voice. Nevertheless, don't do it too often for it may cause lung damage. One thing to bear in mind, never inhale helium from high-pressure tank! It's dangerous yaw. You may die from stroke. No more laughing after reading this. Aha, gotcha!

Ever heard Vin Diesel in squeaky voice? watch this!

Do you remember a scene from Ice Age 3? When they were crossing a hanging bridge at The Chasm of Death, they saw many skeletons of those people who died from laughing. The little creature named Buck had said "Do not inhale the gas, or you will die!" beforehand but due to some technical failure they were stuck in the middle of the cross, leaving them with no option but to inhale the air mixed with the laughing gas (I guess it was helium). What happened was they laughed to tears! It was fun to watch. The people who died at The Chasm  had  laughed too much until the lungs could no longer handle the pressure hence it stopped pumping air. Then you know what happened to those who suffocated. The end. 

Buck from Ice Age 3

I watched My Boss My Hero, a Japanese drama. It was about a group of Yakuza in Japan. This drama is freaking awesome! I give 5 stars to it *clap clap*. Sakaki Makio was so funny and I love his dorky character. In this drama, there was a scene when Sakaki disguised as the Kamen Rider in order to save his friends from thugs. But also having to mask his real voice, he had to inhale helium to make it sound squeaky. It was funny dow. Haha! I almost die from laughing. I guess one doesn't need helium to laugh. Sakaki's scowling faces are enough to give you the laughing gas effect. Wahahaha! 

Oh, Nagase Tomoya. You make my day!

Well, if helium (six times lighter than air) could give you such a funny squeaky voice, then what sulfur hexafluoride (which is being six times heavier than air) could possibly do? Steve Spangler got the answer. Curious? Watch this video

It's amazing when the gas is so heavy that it could hold an aluminum boat, making it looks like it's floating! WOW! Sulfur hexafluoride is also fun to be played with. But don't do it too often for it may jeopardize your health. Take things moderately in your life and you will be happy. It applies to every aspect of life.

That's all for today. 




little ain said...

wahh. very informative. thanks for sharing, akak! =D

rumet said...

ahak, ritu pernah dgor puan Ju sbut psl laughing gas, but cant remember da name of gas. rini br taw HELIUm namenye. yeah, tq my fren.

Jαnnαhツ said...

rumet. aku rase yang puan Ju cakap dulu tu nitrous oxide. N2O. gas nie dentists guna sebagai anastasia/ analgesic. ubat tahan sakit kot.

tapi selama nie aku jumpa dentist, takde lak terkena kesan laughing gas nie. rase kebas ade le. entah la. bile aku surf balik ade yang cakap gas nie tak patut pun dipanggil laughing gas. mis-naming katanye. tak tahu mana satu betul.

tapi HELIUM memang laughing gas.

Rumet said...

oh silap nampaknye. N2O eh puan Ju sebut? ok.

Myb He tu ak tigt arwh Dr ade sbut aritu. Instead of using N2, He also can be used as inert gas during calcination@pyrolisis. But it is much more expensive.

But i am wondering, hOW Helium can react with thing surrounds it and inducing people to laugh? supposedly there should be no reaction la kan since it is inert?

Jαnnαhツ said...

erm, memang helium tu inert but since it is lighter than air, ada perubahan halaju suara yang melalui air tracks kita apabila helium disedut. that's why suara jadi high-pitched cam suara kartun. huhu. bila dengar suara kartun tu lah orang gelak. ce mu gi youtube ada vid pasal SELENA GOMEZ ON HELIUM. lawak la jugak bila sore jadi lain. haha.

DeaDay said...

this is very informative!!thanks

ru ru said...

weyh, sore btukar n gelak ketawa nde y berbeza kn? ak da kompius da. cmne gas ni wt org gelak? yes i undrstood da difference velocity of these two gas tht u mentioned jst now causing high pitch in voice.

tp org jd gelak kaitan ape ngn sore betukar? ke sbb sore diorg da jd len, diorg kelakar dgr sore sndiri lnts ktwa tbhak-bahak?? cmtu k?

Jαnnαhツ said...

yes rumet! itu dia. bile orang lain dengar suara kita berubah jadi chipmunk tu lah orang jadi gelak. even tuan punyer badan pun boleh gelak sama.

memet said...

neway ak xgelak pun chpmunk punye sore. maybe kalu He tu ak test sndrik br ak boleh gelak.

p/s: cute oh sore cik selena kita,
"am i doing this right?"

Anonymous said...

rumet-RUmet-ru ru-memet (evolusi)

nomoreevolusi said...

Jo Kwang min- Nckhun Horvejwatsoever= (konfusi)

Ronaldhrah Wisely said...

rha..rha...rha..ayah, nak duit! nak beli kertas wane*he voice

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