Sunday, April 24, 2011

what's boiling?

Yesterday, we had a super awesome dinner at Hajah Maznah Steamboat in Serdang. We went there with our lecturer, Dr Aziz. It was a wonderful gathering! FYI, it was the third time I had my dinner there. There were so many people at the eatery and it felt like being in some kind of 'competition' whenever it comes to choose and grab those various bits of seafood galore. Well, last time we had dinner there, there were not so many people like yesterday. It's because of Saturday, I guess.  

Before leaving Nilai for Hajah Maznah Steamboat

Delicious and juicy prawns you can't even say NO to.

Farah, Qadri, Imran and Qayum 

Happy people who never get tired to have steamboat for dinner

Throw anything you want into the boiling soup and indulge yourself  in the sweetness of various seafood galore like prawns, fish and cuttlefish. I really LOVE cuttlefish by the way! Simply irresistible.

Dig in!

Posing with Dr Aziz.

Like father like son?

Sweet bunch of smiles

Roommate!! We wore the same blouse lah!! (what's wrong with the face??!)

After digging in so much seafood, we got full enough to get back home. This was taken right before going home.

What a lovely bunch of happy peeps we were

Nice night view at Hajah Maznah Steamboat

She said I was looking so noob in this pic. 

Camwhoring ladies

It was so wonderful to gather around like this. Hope we will be able to go for other gathering next time. Make it soon!

Credits to Shima, Ema, Izah and others for all the nice pics

Thursday, April 21, 2011

curahan hati

dear heart, why are you being so fragile? you make me feel so insecure. 


pull yourself together Jannah. you can do it!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

super LIKE the Supernatural!

I really like this series. Seriously!! (excited mode). Well, whenever I came home for holidays, I will never forget to watch this all-time favourite TV series of mine. Don't be surprised coz not only me love the series but also my other siblings. That's why we had our best time together watching Supernatural. The series never bore me. The episodes are mostly interesting to watch. Actually it is not just about some random psychic ghost-busting events. It is about brotherhood and kinship between these two brothers and it is portrayed in most episodes. Believe me folks, it is really touching. Besides, the plot is always original and it really is worth watching.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.
Love watching them in the series! 

 These two handsome guys always go into the disguise as to gain information
 from people regarding the paranormal events in the city around the country.
Well, they're just too cute to resist, aren't they?

At first I thought they were some sort of gay since most Western people are
opting for that deviant lifestyle nowadays. But, to my surprise, they are NOT. These two are
even married to fair ladies lol. Hahaha, scratch that scary imagination, will ya?

However, the series is some kind of deviating when it comes to devils worshipping and intervention of angels whatsoever. Kids must not watch the series as they might be influenced by bad lifestyles. For me, I think I still can differentiate between the wrong and good ones. I watch it just for fun and to kill some time I guess. It's kind of fun watching these two saving people from devils and evil spirits, though many of their ways of killing those entities are totally out of question (sesat lagi menyesatkan). 

By the way, it's Jared!

Jared again!

..and again!

Jared padalecki wallpaper
Oh, Jared!!!!!!!!!! *fainted*

(err, excuse the writer's paranoic acts)
Handome wooh! Dah la tinggi giler. 193 cm.
 Surprised enough? Maybe not. It's Mat Salleh (American).
 Whadaya expect dude? But still sangat-sangat berbeda 
sekali ketinggian Jared ngan bini dia. 
Memang super tall la lelaki ni. Phew!

p/s: Kesimpulannya, jangan buat perjanjian dengan syaitan. Kelak akan memakan diri. 

Peace Out!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Waaah!! It feels like heaven lah once da duduk kat umah nie. Boleh relaks dengan sepuas hati. Memang betullah apa yang orang cakap, Rumahku Syurgaku. Indeed, it is true. There's no such place as cosy as home. Hehe *evil snickering*

Risau la jugak sebenarnya sebab aku ni terlalu santai sampaikan mood study pun da tak ada. Haha. Memang kaki lepak la jugak aku ni once da duduk rumah. Walaupun takde apa sangat nak buat kat rumah ni, still rasa happy. Boleh je buka laptop jap, pastu tengok tv,  then main game, tak pun dengar lagu, so on so forth. Heppi! (grinning).  Tak payah nak serabut-serabut otak nak kena pikir itu ini. Stress la jugek kadang-kadang bile tyme nak kena consider banyak menda tu. But now, I'm free yaw! Jealous enough? Nope, don't be. Coz it's just the beginning. 

There are still lots of things I need to do. Even after final exam, I will be doing my labwork. Uh~oo~ Just by thinking of it my body would pump oozing adrenaline. Why? Because it's been nearly a year we didn't do lab practices. I repeat, a YEAR!  I'm scared that I'm gonna be careless when it comes to 'playing' with those apparatus and hazardous reagents whatsoever. Nervous woh. Neves!

Dah la supervisor aku cakap experiment aku tu berbahaya. Boleh meletup tube furnace tu katanya (kalau tak kena cara la..). Creepy woh! Kalu buat keja lackadaisical, mesti akan ade kebarangkalian untuk accident tu berlaku. Takut, takut. Don't wanna die because of my own recklessness. No want.

Well, I'll just have to get it done. Just pray that you won't die due to any reckless act. Be careful, that is.

Yeay, I'm free! (for now at least)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Going Home!

Yes, tonight I'll be leaving Nilai for good I guess. Well, most of my friends are already on their way going back home. Maybe some had even made it to their hometown! It's gonna be really good to be at home just before final exam. I hope I can loosen my mind a bit when I'm at home. Seriously, this examination things make me nervous.... 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

stressed? watch this.

Stressed? Not anymore!

I think this is the cutest thing ever! I just 
can't stop laughing looking at the match. Just enjoy the show, will you?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Of Polymer & Steamboat

Disebabkan macam-macam menda dah berlaku hari ni, maka macam-macam jenis perasaan telah melanda diri ini, lalu perasaan yang bercampur gaul hingga sebati itu telah menggerakkan jari-jemari yang tak berapa nak runcing ni untuk tulis blog. 

Firstly we did a lab experiment for Polymer. Macam last week jugak yang buat pakai viscometer, tapi guna larutan Caragener yang dicairkan. So, it was a little bit much faster than before-lah. Dalam pukul sebelas pagi camtu dah siap semua. Complete. Then, sempat jugaklah hosmet aku si Farah tu snap gambar guna enset baru dia. Ehem. Macam-macam lah lagak budak 3rd year IChemTech ni bila dah kena buat eksperimen dalam lab kimia. Silalah scroll kalu rase rajin. Tehee~

Chemists kita tekun buat labwork

Tekun menenyeh 'belon merah' pada viscometer

Petang tu, kami terkejut beruk sebab tiba-tiba je ada test Electrochemistry. Semua cam blurred la jugak sebab takde sorang pun ingat ada test. Wahaha. That's the bad news. The good news was, Dr nak belanja STEAMBOAT! Diulangi, STEAMBOAT! Yabedabedu!!!!  Best gile. Hihi. Maybe kitorang pegi before final exam ni. Aku agak Dr mesti nak kasi semangat sket b4 kitorang  amik exam. Thanks Dr.

Sunday, April 03, 2011


Dua tiga hari ni, aku rase macam jadi dah tak betul, tak tentu arah je sebab tak berhenti bergelumang dengan note-making. Maklumlah, buat keje last minute. Ni lah akibatnya. Aku asyik duk fokus nak siapkan nota sampai tegang urat tengkuk aku nih sebab lama sangat bertenggek kat tepi meja jepun aku nie. Memang petanda awal untuk serangan migraine. 

Bagus, Jannah. Bagus.... (sarcasm). Yeah, well you know. Even tomorrow I got test for Disposal and quiz for Industrial Chemistry. Memang nak kena pulun sampai lunyai la. Sabow jelah....

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