Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today is such a wonderful day for there were two occasions celebrated. We went to DKU FPQS for the Dean's Award ceremony. Alhamdulillah, five of our batch got the award from our beloved dean of FST, Prof Jay. Congrats guys! One from our batch also got the Motivational Award. Congrats Ina! 

The recipients and the plaques (from left Athirah, Jannah Rahman, Jannah Heaven, Dzilal Amir yeojachingu). Qadri went missing at this moment. 

Colorful and wonderful peeps

Then we went to FST to join the jamuan raya. The atmosphere was filled with raya spirit. I like. Thumbs up! It even worth paying RM5 for such a feast yaw. What?? Cheap you say?? We got to eat a lot of food though. Yes, I admit that I ate too much. It was a mere guilty pleasure. I just can't help it. Hmm.

While waiting for Prof Jay to officiate the feast (tired and hungry) *growling sounds*

Hey roommate-cum-yeojachingu! Lets get camwhoring...

Saya Cik Wan Nor Farahiyah, wartawan sepenuh masa ICHEMTECH melaporkan dari Seri Pentas FST (*DENG!!*)

After treating our bellies, we snapped photos with Dr Siti, our Head Program

Three chemists in TURQUOISE

The inevitable striking pose from our two divas

Oh, its too hot la today!

Sweet and lively peeps enjoying their soon-to-be-ended senior year in USIM *sudden melancholy*

Behold our innocent adolescence that will soon become a sweet and, hopefully, long lasting reminiscence

Hopefully we will keep being bonded to each other by a strong chemistry akin to that of HYDROGEN BOND; strong and rigid. It is UNBREAKABLE and IRREVERSIBLE

Our KAD RAYA which won the prize. Congrats to those who made it. Creative and at the same time hilarious. The girls are all looking serious in the photo but the boys? Their looks really make me laughed so hard! Good job though. Photoshop rocks!


We are HOUSEMATES for crying out loud! *onyonyonyo team*

p/s: Pictures are courtesy of Nurul Athirah Amran 

may all these sweet memories last forever

Sunday, September 25, 2011

da open houses


Hi everyone! How's your raya? I bet most of us are still celebrating Eid since there would be about one week before Syawal leaves us with its fantastical scent of reminiscent memories. As for me and my beautiful bunch of happy friends, we went to the open houses of our lecturers in Nilai and Wangsa Maju. I must admit that the mood of raya was somewhat receding, but still the flicker of raya ambiance did fill the air with all those melancholic raya songs and various raya meals galore that you can choose from (and of course the view of people in their baju raya also added the value).

Actually we arrived at Dr Che Wan's house on Friday evening to help her in food preparations. We even got to stay at her homestay for free yaw! It was such a wonderful gathering, I must say, though not everybody was there for some reasons. Yeah, if we put it together, it was kind of fun to be having happy hours together, eating the delicious free foods while doing some relaxed chattering without having to think of lectures or classes. It is a nice view to see and to be part of. Not only that, Dr Che Wan was so nice to us. I presumed that she really loves cooking. She cooked pizza, cakes, and nasi dagang all by her own. I tell you what, her chocolate cake was freaking delicious! It tasted pretty much like those sold at bakeries. Wah, I seem to be craving for those tasty pieces of chocolate cake! Very tantalizing.

After fulling our belly in Dr Che Wan's house, we went to Dr Nik's open house at Wangsa Maju. If you ask me how to get there from Nilai, it's quite easy. Just buy a ticket to KL Sentral and pay RM9.80 (for the two-way ticket),  board the train and alight at KL Sentral. Quickly buy a ticket to Sri Rampai and board the LRT. Soon enough you'll reach the station and just wait for someone very kind-hearted to fetch you. That someone is ATHIRAH! Hi Athirah, if you happen to read this post, I want to mewakili kawan-kawan to loudly shout TERIMA KASIH TIRAH!! for fetching us back and forth between station and Dr Nik's house. Jasamu tetap dikenang.

We left Dr Nik's house approximately at 5.30 p.m.. We boarded the train to Nilai from KL Sentral at about 6.15 p.m.. For me, it was somewhat tiring, maybe because we opt for the train to get there and since it was Saturday, there were so many people at the train station. I just exhaled in depression at the sight of the crowd thronging the place. It makes me having headache, seriously. Having to stand sturdily like a pole inside the train all the way from KL Sentral to Nilai whose journey spans for 1 hour and a half really gave me severe headache and foot cramp. What a spoiled lil brat, you may say to me, but that's the truth. Maybe I'm a 22-year-old gal, but with a body of 82-year-old woman. It's pathetic.

Okay, lets view some photos taken by various photographers...

At Dr Che Wan's house:

At this moment, Qadri said something funny before he snapped 
the photo, making us laughed (but I laughed a lil bit too earlier than others). Ugly me in this photo.


wah wah wah

Green hornets yang tak berapa nak hornets

At Dr Nik's house in Wangsa Maju:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I want to be the shooting star

Sapa suka cite Cybercop, sila ANGKAT TANGAN!! 

Masa kita kecik-kecik dulu time darjah-darjah kot, citer ni feymes sangat. Time tu, memang suka je melekat depan TV tengok citer nie. Well, citer Jepun, memang mostly budak-budak suka tengok coz citer dia bukan sahaja menarik malah ada pengajaran jugak. Hehe.

Cybercop (1988-1989) ni antara feveret aku la selain daripada Ultraman. Yang paling tak bleh blah, aku masih ingat lagi ending song dia. Best gile. Sampai ke hari nie melody lagu tu terngiang-ngiang dalam kepala otak aku nie. Betapa besarnya impak cerita tu sampai ke hari nie aku masih boleh ingat dan sukakan irama lagu tu. Yelah, da nama pun every week duk layan mende yang sama, mesti ah mende tu melekat lam otak. Huhu.

Jom layan ending song Cybercop. I want to be the shooting star. Yeah!


Hoshi mo mienai yoru ni
Kimi wa hiza kakae
Hitori furueteta lonely night

Itsuka yume mita mirai
Miushinatta mama namida koboshita ne
Kono ude no naka de my love
Kanashimi kara eien ni

I want to be the shooting star
Kimi no negai wo kanaeru
Nagareboshi ni naritai
Kono sekaijuu de ichiban taisetsu na hito
Sore wa kimi sa

Minna dareka kizu tsuke
Soshite kizu tsuite
Otona ni natteku lonely heart

Moshimo ashita ga miezu
Kujikesou na toki furimuite hoshii
Atsui kono omoi my love
Itsumo soba de eien ni

I want to be the shooting star
Afureru yume wo noseteku
Nagareboshi ni naritai
Kono sekaijuu de ichiban sunda hitomi no
Kimi ga suki sa

I want to be the shooting star
Kimi no negai wo kanaeru
Nagareboshi ni naritai
Kono sekaijuu de ichiban taisetsu na hito
Sore wa kimi sa

E N G L I S H     T R A N S L A T I O N

On a night
when you couldn’t see the stars
You clutched your knees
And trembled alone, lonely night

At some point
you lost sight of the future
you dreamed of
And cried floods of tears
I want to protect you
In my arms, my love
I want to protect you
From sadness, forever

I want to be the shooting star
I want to be a shooting star
And make your wishes come true
The person who means more to me
than anyone in the world
That’s you

Everyone hurts someone
And gets hurt
As they grow up, lonely heart

If you can’t see tomorrow
and you’re about to give up
I want you to turn around
I want to tell you
About this passionate love, my love
I want to gaze at you
By your side all the time, forever

I want to be the shooting star
I want to be a shooting star
That carries all your dreams
Your eyes are clearer
than anyone else’s in the world
I love you

I want to be the shooting star
I want to be a shooting star
And make your wishes come true
The person who means more
 to me than anyone in the world
That’s you

I heart Cybercop!

p/s: ku merindui zaman itu...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

majlis doa selamat

Lokasi: Bangi
Waktu: 6.00 pm-10 p.m

Perjalanan dari Nilai ke rumah Mak Cak (mak sedara Dzilal) yang terletak di Bangi hanya mengambil masa 10 minit. Sampai je kat sana, kitorang join group tuan rumah baca Yasin ngan doa selamat untuk mereka yang bakal mengerjakan haji di Baitullah. Dalam pukul 6.30 petang, mereka-mereka dijemput menjamu selera.   Makanan? Mantop. Tapi tak berapa mantop jikalau anda sedang berpuasa. Kena tahan lapaq walau terliuq lagu mana sekali pun tengok depa jamu selera depan mata hang (sejak bila aku cakap utara ni? konpius).

Hohho, korang makan tak tunggu aku ea? Sampai hati. Wuwu *muka poyo buat-buat sedih*

Haha, dah banyak kali Pak Cak (uncle Dzilal) cakap macam tu kat aku. Maybe sebab muka aku kesian sangat bila tengok depa makan. Dugaan betul lah kalau poser tyme raye nih. Sabar Jannah, sabar. Ada 15 minit lagi. Jangan sia-siakan puasa anda. Chayyok bebeh!

Ha, bila dah azan, melantak lah engkau sepuas hati. Hahaha.

Muke-muke legend

Kami suka baby, baby pun suka kami. 

Thanks to Dzilal, Pak Cak, Mak Cak and everybody. Kenyang siot perut buncit-buncit.

Pictures credit to Ira.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mahu proceed kah?

Mahu teruskan saja atau mahu mulakan dari awal? Actually, lagi senang kalau continue je apa yang aku dah buat setakat nie. Tapi, tak tentu lagi boleh teruskan ke tak coz we got a slight problem here. I don't know why but everything seems to be so obscure. Hm... Ottokaji??

I'm so confused dow...

so I'm gonna...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

oh! ribut di Nilai.

Ye, ribut di Nilai. Rasanya, pokok roselle ni pun tumbang sebab ribut yang sama berlaku pada malam hari raya ketiga hari tu. Sebab on the way balik dari Kelantan ke Terengganu hari tu, memang banyak pokok-pokok terbalik sepanjang jalan kat area Mengabang Telipot tu. Banner kedai-kedai pun habis berterbangan. Dahsyat gak ribut tuh. Masa tu, aku and family ada kat umah Tok ngan Tokki belah ma aku di Pasir Mas. Memang lebat la hujan. Lebat sangat. Malam tu tidur dalam kesejukan. Brrr!

Now, ada aku ngan Farah je kat rumah sewa ni. Yang lain maybe sampai esok coz esok takde kelas lagi. Wuhu. Bosannya. Mujur ada Strawberry WiFi nie. Kalau tak mati kutu lah aku jawabnya.

I is BORED cat.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

you're f***ed up!

Hey, easy dude. What's with the cursing anyway?

Actually I wanna explain about the meaning of FUCKED UP. I stumbled upon this phrase in a blog. In fact I found myself quite confused over the meaning of it. Firstly, I thought it brings bad meaning but actually it is not. Seriously. It sounds harsh coz it has that harsh four-lettered-word as its root. This phrase is used in an utterly vulgar way to express a state of confusion or damage. For example, if someone had failed his exam, we can say he is fucked up, which literally means ''he is damaged" or "he is doomed!". As simple as that.


Yes, I did get an F. And I did feel that way, before I repeat the paper and passed! Alhamdulillah. 


Wanna know where did I find the real meaning of the phrase?
 Visit this blog: TERFAKTAB BLOG

Woo Young says, "Dear Nichkhun, why do you look so fucked up?"

Friday, September 09, 2011


Okay, it's not like Rebecca Black's Friday. Please, please lah.  It's just that my holiday is gonna take its toll. Tomorrow is Saturday, and I'll set off to Nilai, como siempre. Hmphhh!

Oh, I got to go to school now? Why can't they just let me rest? WHY? WHY?!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2011


"Sesungguhnya setiap yang bernyawa  pasti akan merasai mati"

Dari surah Al-A'raf, ayat 34 yang bermaksud:

Tiap-tiap umat mempunyai ajal, maka apabila telah datang ajalnya mereka tidak dapat mengundurkannya barang sesaat pun dan tidak dapat (pula) mencepatkannya

Pada kira-kira jam 10 pagi tadi, aku dikejutkan oleh berita tentang pemergian seorang pensyarah kimia USIM yang sangat kami kasihi. Dr Abdul Aziz bin Omar yang juga supervisor untuk projek final year kami telah menyambut seruan Ilahi setelah terkena serangan jantung awal pagi tadi. Jenazah allahyarham dikebumikan tengahari tadi di tanah kelahirannya di Melaka. Kami semua sangat merasai kehilangannya. Marilah kita sama-sama menyedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada Allahyarham dan berdoa agar rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

Terasa sangat kehilangan dengan pemergian Dr Aziz. Allahyarham sangatlah baik hati dan tidak lokek dengan senyuman. Beliau selalu berkongsi pengalaman hidupnya dengan kami semua pelajar jurusan Teknologi Kimia Industri sepanjang dia bekerja di USIM yang bermula awal sem lepas. Enam bulan bersama arwah dan kami sudah merasa satu ikatan kukuh sudah terjalin erat, seperti hubungan antara seorang ayah dengan anak-anaknya. Namun, Allah lebih menyayanginya. Dr Aziz terlebih dahulu meninggalkan kita. 

Arwah selalu berpesan kepada kami semua, jaga hati. Jaga hati, jaga hubungan dengan mak ayah, Insya-Allah, hidup akan jadi berkat. Arwah pun pernah cakap, money can't buy happiness. Kalau dalam hidup nie kita jaga hubungan kita sesama manusia dan hubungan dengan sang pencipta, hidup jadi lebih gembira dan lebih aman. Ramai yang cakap arwah Dr Aziz nampak lebih muda daripada usianya sebenar. Mungkin sebab dia selalu murah dengan senyuman, dirinya nampak muda dan ceria. So, pengajaran di sini, banyakkan senyuman supaya kita jadi lebih sihat. Kajian sains pun ada cakap senyuman dapat memberikan kesan positif kepada tubuh badan kita. Marilah kita senyum banyak-banyak lepas nie.

Apa yang aku peroleh daripada pemergian Allahyarham Dr Aziz ialah, ajal maut itu tiada siapa yang tahu. Hari ni mungkin kita bergelak ketawa dengan rakan-rakan, esok belum tentu lagi kita akan hidup dan mengecapi nikmat Allah di muka bumi-Nya ini. Hari ni mungkin kita sihat walafiat, siapa tahu esok kita mungkin akan jatuh sakit. Oleh itu, kita mesti senantiasa bersedia menghadapi mati. Orang yang bijak akan sentiasa mengingati mati. Sehebat mana pun seorang manusia, sekaya mana pun dia, sehensem/secantik mana pun seseorang itu, dirinya pasti akan mati dan akan kembali ke tanah. Kita tak tahu bila dan di mana kita akan menemui ajal kita. Banyakkan amalan baik dan ikhlaskan hati. Jangan berdendam dengan orang. Jangan sakitkan hati orang. Jangan membuka aib orang. Jangan mengumpat. Jangan derhaka kat mak ayah. Obey all the jangan's and Insya-Allah, kita akan terhindar dari melakukan dosa-dosa besar. 

Kenangan bersama arwah. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. Ameen~

FOOTNOTE: salam takziah untuk keluarga arwah....

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

manusia dan fobia


Hari ni, aku nak share kisah pasal fobia. Why? Coz the topic is kind of intriguing. Selama nie bile aku tengok movie or drama lam TV ke mana-mana ke, mesti ade selit citer pasal fobia-fobia nih. And I was somewhat interested untuk mengetahui apa maksud jenis-jenis fobia yang dikatakan tu dan apakah simptom pengidapnya. Well, curiousity kills the cat, but it does not kill a human. Wahaha. So what I am going to discuss is going to stretch the limit of your very diverse knowledge (excuse the bajet-ness).

Oh no! I hate spiders!!

Ron Weasley yang sangat takut pada labah-labah (Arachnophobia).

Dalam dunia nie, memang banyak giler jenis fobia. Kadang-kadang tu aku rase certain types of phobia tu cam tak logik pun ade gak. Cuba korang bayangkan, ade jugak rupanya orang yang fobia nak mandi (Ablutophobia), fobia ngan hujan (Ombrophobia),  fobia ngan emas (Aurophobia), fobia ngan perempuan cantik (Caligynephobia), fobia ngan bahasa asing (Xenoglossophobia), fobia ngan manusia a.k.a Androphobia (yang ni memang tak bleh blah), dan macam-macam lagi lah! Banyak sangat nak tulis nih. Sometimes, it makes no sense, but to some people, they do have fear towards certain things in their live, no matter how ridiculous that particular thing could be. 

Are you phobia with me, peeps? *Bi Rain*

Biasanya, orang yang ade fobia ni ialah mereka yang pernah mengalami pengalaman ngeri yang membuatkan mereka menjadi takut akan sesuatu. Contoh macam fobia kepada kucing atau dipanggil Ailurophobia. Mereka yang Ailurophobia biasanya takut akan kucing sebab mereka ade pengalaman yang buruk bersama kucing lalu menjadikan mereka trauma saat melihat kelibat kucing. Nak tau pasal fobia kucing? Sila klik entri ni.

Hari ni aku nak citer pasal 3 jenis fobia. 

PHOBIA # 1: Claustrophobia

Ni ajaran salah nie. Claustrophobia bukannye fobia kat Santa Claus tau? Yang tu org panggil Santaphobia.

Ha, ape dia Claustrophobia? Erm, aku rase aku kene bagi contoh yang membolehkan korang faham ape maksudnye yang sebenar. Pernah tak tengok drama Secret Garden? Ala, yang Ha Ji Won ngan Hyun Bin berlakon tu. Kisah chenta antara lelaki kaya yg arrogant terlampau ngan pelakon stunt wanita yang comel lote kiut miut tapi humble tu. Ingat tak scene di mana hero, Kim Joo Won (dilakonkan oleh Hyun Bin) terperangkap dalam lif? Masa tu dia tercungap-cungap menahan sesak nafas. Tau tak nape dia sesak nafas? Tu bukan sebab tak cukup oksigen tapi sebenarnya dia sedang menghadapi ketakutannya sendiri; iaitu Claustrophobia. 

Ni time accident tu berlaku.

Claustrophobia diertikan sebagai (fear of small spaces) iaitu perasaan takut terperangkap di dalam ruangan yang sempit ataupun berada dalam keadaan di mana tiada jalan keluar. Ia dikelaskan sebagai anxiety disorder oleh pakar. Fobia jenis ni disebabkan oleh pengalaman ngeri yang melibatkan ruangan sempit (seperti lif) yang dihadapi oleh seseorang.  

Contoh dalam drama Secret Garden nie, si hero tu pernah kena accident dalam lif semasa kebakaran berlaku kat bangunan ofisnye. Masa misi menyelamat dijalankan, seorang ahli bomba terkorban demi menyelamatkan si hero daripada kebakaran tersebut. Disebabkan insiden tersebutlah Kim Joo Won menjadi sangat takut ngan lif dan dia langsung tak naik lif dah pastu. Instead, dia akan naik tangga even ofisnya tingkat belas-belas kot. Begitu dahsyatnya efek Claustrophobia ni.

Teringat kat lecturer English aku yang ada fobia macam nie. She said she cannot drive in the tunnel coz she will be very afraid of that small space. Dia boleh jadi sampai sesak nafas lau lalu terowong. 

Me myself enjoy being in the tunnel coz it gets 
dark and kind of makes you sleepy. 

PHOBIA # 2:  Entomophobia   (fear or insects)

Ha, ni jenis yang bese kita lihat dalam komuniti kita hari nie. Kalau tak caye, cuba buat satu questionnaire kat universiti, sekolah atau tempat kerja korang. Gerenti ramai punyelah yang ade sindrom takutkan serangga nie, especially kiter-kiter ni orang pompuan. Tapi jangan ingat orang perempuan je yang fobia ngan serangga, orang laki pun same jugak tau? Ade sorang pembaca blog nie, gender-nya lelaki dan dia mengaku sangat takutkan lipas. He even respect pompuan yang langsung tak takut lipas, yang siap boleh libas lipas ngan tangan lagi. Jangankan blogger tu respek, aku pun respek kat sape-sape yang boleh 'tewaskan' lipas ngan tangan camtu je. Berani betol! (berani kerana benar, takut kerana...?)

Aku sendiri takut gile ngan makhluk nie. Maybe sebab dia kotor. Geli I tau, ewwwww! Aku ngan adik aku Koyah memang sangat fobia geli-gelemang ngan lipas. Kami malah memberi nama 'timangan' kat serangga ni. We call them Park Su Li (bukan Su Li f(x) tu).  Why bagi nama timangan? Macam pet pulak tu. Haha, penah tak dengar orang cakap, kalau kita sebut-sebut nama menda tu, dia akan muncul? Ha, atas sebab nilah kitorang malas nak sebut nama sebenar dia, takut la kan dia muncul secara tiba-tiba. 

Me and my sister can't even sleep if we ever saw a roach running on the wall of our room. Kitorang takkan tenang selagi tahu ade lipas lurking dalam bilik. Kene kasi mati dulu baru kitorang boleh tidur ngan aman bahagia. Haha, jahat owh perangai nie. Oh, by the way, fobia kat lipas ni dipanggil Katsaridaphobia.

Say no to cockroaches!

Hm, teringat kat kawan sekolah rendah dulu. Dia takut gilababeng ngan kabbo (disebut car bow like in bowtie). You know what's kabbo? Kabbo stems from Kumbang a.k.a. beatles beetles. Dialek Terengganu tu. Anyway, my friend tu, once dia nampak serangga nie, dia akan menjerit-jerit bak histeria, "Kabbo! Kabbo!" sambil menarik-narik lengan baju aku dengan kuatnya. Kadang-kadang dia peluk aku dan berselindung belakang aku bilamana budak-budak laki usik dia ngan kumbang. 

a beetle. eh silap gambar!

nah, beetle yg betul....

In fact, aku pun tak suke ngan menatang ni tapi tak lah sekronik kawan aku yang sorang nie. Haha. Kelakar jugak bila dikenangkan peristiwa tu. Nak tergelak rase. Huhu. If you, Syuhadah Azmi yang kini sedang study kat UNiSZA, happen to read this post, I miss you (tetibe), and I miss the precious moments we had during our elementary school. Gotta meet you some time (with some beetles of course). Haha, just kidding LOL.  

PHOBIA # 3: Acrophobia (fear of heights)

Anda takutkan ketinggian? Takut berada di puncak bangunan atau di puncak bukit? Adakah anda berasa teramatlah gayat saat berada di tempat-tempat tinggi? Maka ketahuilah bahawa anda ialah salah seorang penghidap Acrophobia. 

Kucing kitorang, Goldie ngan Bubu yang suker jer panjat tangki 
pastu takut nak turun balik (ooh, panjat pandai, nak turun takut)

I was surprised to know that I actually have this!!!! Seriously. Hari tu masa pegi Genting Highlands, kitorang naik game Space Shot. Ya rabbi, rasa nak tercabut jantung pisangku naik mende ni. Menjerit-jerit aku tak hennnngat dunia! Mana taknya, dah la tinggi dia 185 kaki, operator plak stop-kan mende tu kat atas sekali and biarkan kitorang kat situ dalam setengah minit lau tak silap. Saat tu baru kusedar bahawa aku sebenarnya takutkan ketinggian. Wuwu, malu la lau macam nie. Lepas turun dari Space Shot, jantungku mengepam darah dengan lajunya. Muka pucat toksah citer. Suare serak sebab jerit kuat mengalahkan orang nyanyi karaoke empat hari empat malam.

In fact, masa naik cabel car pun aku boleh rase neves. Siyes neves, tapi cover la depan kawan-kawan, malu la lau orang tahu aku takut naik keta kabel (heh!). Yelah, kalau aku takut gile pastu lompat-lompat lalu goyang habis keta tu tak ke putuh kabel tu. Naya, naya. Seriau. Gerun plak tu nak jeling bawah. Creepy thing cabel car is.

The freaking terrifying space shot. Siyes tak nak naik dah *terrored* 

Cabel car yang 'awesome'. Awesome di sini terpaksa diquote-kan to
 show how sarcastic I am (huhu).

p/s: Naik flying fox aku tak takut plak. Maybe sebab flying fox takde lah setinggi Space Shot yang tingginya mencecah 185 kaki. Diulangi, 185 kaki!!!! *fainted*

Sekian kisah fobia kita kali nie. Chow!


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