Sunday, February 05, 2012


You can see pain nor touch it, but surely you can feel it. I experienced that pain today. I know, there is no such pain that can be compared to the one experienced by moms during delivery, but still, that kind of pain I was having was so excruciating to me. Indeed it was. 

The pain was unbearable that I whined and groaned most of the time. Yes, it was piercing from my feet to the top of my head yo. But no matter how painful it was, I had to put up with it. It was for my own sake. Insya-Allah, all my diseases will be ended soon by doing that. Hopefully.  

Yes, that was all I had hoped for when I was walking on the pebbles. You know what's pebble? Pebble is kerikil. Batu-batuan sungai. The ones you see at rivers and sometimes at the beaches. Wow, such a miracle these small cute stones can do to boost your health. They say pebbles can be used to treat lots of diseases. People from the old times had been using pebbles to improve their health and cure many diseases. Ancient people used to walk barefooted on the ground to invigorate their bodies. Yes or no? I'm not sure but that's what they say. Rumours can in fact be true you know. Huhu. 

Actually, I don't think it's a baseless rumour. Like, seriously. I had walked on the pebbles this evening and I already feel the difference. Believe it or not, my body seems to be releasing lots of gases! You know what I mean right? They can be released in two routes only, by burping and?? You know what. Flatulence. You science peeps better understand what I'm saying. Grrrr *snickering*

Well, I actually have lots of gases in my tummy and it's not easy to release them. The doctor had once said, "Jannah, awak ni banyak angin la..." Bukan kepala angin kan, doc? Yes, I got lotsa gases. It's undeniable. Coz my stomach is not in good condition. I got poor digestive system. It's nasty to have stagnant gases. Those trapped gases can make you feel uncomfortable. When your body cannot release those gases, they will give you headache and sometimes migraine. I tell you what, these two fellas are very good together. They give you the double-the-fun effect when you are planning to have such a nice day. What a sarcasm. Well, what's life without sarcasm, aight?

I need to continue this pebble therapy once every two days. I read from somewhere that it is not good to do reflexology everyday for it may hurt your nervous systems. So I advice you all who have problems like mine; migraine, to do the same thing. It is an enjoyable activity though you have to bear with the pain. Just like what they say, NO PAIN NO GAIN.


Anonymous said...

minum teh n nescafe selalu mmg tak elok, banyak angin. so, kurang2kan la..


Jαnnαhツ said...

aku paling suke kat dua bende ni, kopi susu and teh. mmg susah ah nak buang fav drinks aku tuh. huhu

budak kentut said...

2-3 hari ni aku sudah poop and fart so frequently. memang daebakk! syukur..

Ayuni said...

This blog is so awesome, love the language!

Jαnnαhツ said...

thanks for the comment, Ayuni. :D

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