Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cat's Fear

If those who are afraid of cats are called ailurophobia, what is the word to best describe the fear of cats to us humans? You may even ask, does it even make sense when cats are afraid of human? I say yes. Living humans are way much scarier than ghosts.

Our cat, Didi is afraid of people, especially outsiders. He even freaked out when he saw us doing any sudden movement. Last day, my sister saw him wandering inside our house. She got excited and rushed towards Didi but unfortunately, she almost tripped and fall! Then, she tried to balance herself by spreading her both hands, and from behind you can see she looked like as if she was trying to attack the innocent little kitty. Pronto, Didi scrammed and hid under the sofa. He was actually cute when he did that. That's why we love him.

Didi just dare to look us from afar (bajet stalker kot Didi nie)

Actually, everything happens for a reason. The reason why Didi got afraid of any sudden movement was when there was a chaos inside of our house months ago. At that time, our cousin's daughter and son had come to our house. Like usual, we let our cats into the house. When the little children saw those cats, they suddenly screamed so loud that me myself was quite shocked. As if they saw a tiger. I know actually they are afraid of cats but I don't think it was necessary to exaggerate that much dude. The house was loud as is was banging with those screeching sound of screaming. 

Didi was extremely shocked and disturbed. Panicked and afraid, he then scrammed and even peed himself! We pitied Didi. Poor Didi. Ever since the incident, Didi can hardly enter the house. He'd just wander around at the yard playing with anything he could reach to. It's pathetic when he even played with the small stones at the yard (?). That's how he had to deal with his boredom.

But slowly, Didi gets to overcome the fear by trying to approach  us and the house as well. At first, he would run away once my sister or brother took him inside the house. But now, he would himself jump in from the open window and stay inside the house. Still, he would run and hide under the couch or cupboard when he sees any abrupt motion from us.

Didi is actually a pretty tame and good cat. He'll be nice with you if you approach him gently and lovingly (ecewah!!). You got to know the nature of your pet in order to befriend with them without any problemo. 

Didi looks cutely grumpy here. 

That's all about my cat- our cat to be exact. Pics are credit to ahoyy.

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little ain said...

then i am an ailurophobia. haha.

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