Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Duty & Obligation (Internship day 1)

The Beginning

Internship was boring on the first day but I wish it gets better for the days coming. I came with mi buena amiga instead of driving my own car coz I didn’t feel confident to drive. Just so you know my driving sucks! Blame me not coz I’m a beginner driver *though I already got a full license LOLzzzz*

I was put under a department which focuses on inspection and engineering. Everybody in the dept is so friendly and cheerful! They greeted me so well. I was quite happy. Initially, I felt so small, insignificant, and irrelevant to linger around them but it was their warm welcome and greetings which had finally made me feel more relieved and relaxed.

The one who first greeted me was a Sr Engineer. She introduced me to everyone there. Yes, I must admit it that it was an awkward moment when you were introduced to new people in the office amidst their busy working time. They were very busy, stuck-in-front-of-computers kind of busy. All I did was grinning as wide as possible. It was a creepy grinning, to be exact. :P

Alas, I should have met my SV but since he was outstation, there was no chance for me to meet him face to face. Well, just sabar je la…..Hewhewhew…

I really wish to learn new things in here. I wanna be exposed to real working environment of the industry which is known to be such a lucrative business. Some knows where I’m having my internship at. Just try your lucky guess to those who wanna guess. Hehe.

p/s: At last, I’m having my own cubicle!! Haha, so happy.

Though the cubicle I have is not as modern as this one, it is cozy and spacious

p/s/s: I should learn more about this company. So study more, less blogging poking fun!

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