Friday, February 24, 2012

Duty & Obligation (Internship day 2)

It was a reckless driving!

Today I drove that red-o-car of mine to the office. It was only 7.00 a.m. at the moment but the road was already flooded with ‘racing’ cars, motorbikes, lorries, whatsoever. I drove with my friend who was sitting on the passenger’s seat. When I was driving onto the big road, I almost bumped my car into a motorcycle when I couldn’t see it coming from the right. It was due to the obscure view of mine which was caused by the dewy window. Also the motorcycle didn’t turn on the light, unlike many other vehicles, hence prompting me to miss the approaching hazard. Triggered by the alarm given by my friend, I then made a quick brake and drove aside before getting inside the road again. Phew, it was a CLOSE shave. Very close *kesat peluh* Allah masih sayang…

We arrived at 7.30 a.m. The parking lot was quite far from the office so we have to walk. Morning exercise is good for health you know. Huhu. Going up to second floor, I saw the manager room to be empty. Oh no, my SV is nowhere to be found! Again! He must be very busy. So I guess.

Today, the lovely Senior Engineer gave me some tasks. It was easy but for a beginner like me, of course I say it was somewhat tough. I took some time to complete it. The task was interesting dowh. I gotta see many things I already learnt in the class. Just going back to the last semester I learnt Oleochem Petrochem and also Industrial Chemistry. These two subjects helped me a lot I guess.

p/s: gotta fuel the tank after this. Drive safely bebeh. Peace yooo!


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Non-GaemGyu Lover said...

wow, cam best je praktikel too, nak gi tek ar...

rindunya kamu, kamu rindu kiter tak? hoho...tau esok aku n family gi ambik mung...hehe

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