Wednesday, February 15, 2012


takde kaitan ngan entri

It took hours of blood pumping and nerve-wrecking moments before I finally get to see my result. I was so nervous after my friend text-ed me that the results had come out. Even at FB they're all updating statuses about the results. Some were happy, some aren't. Well, lets face the truth Jannah, whatever the outcome may be, just accept it benevolently. You cannot change it. You can do so months ago if you'd wanted to. Hmm...

I guess, everybody was overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness to check the result and that's why the line got so busy. I was almost giving up to logging in. Naah, let it be laah! But then, I cannot just let it be. The curiosity makes me completely distraught. It lingers around like a foul smell. Being determined, I tried to reboot the laptop. Waiting for the server to come to live, I was imagining things with the subject Oleochemical and Petrochemical Technology. The questions in final exam was quite okay, but the marking that made me shivered. Woooo~

Opening facebook, I was getting much more nervous when someone who took the same paper said that he was quite frustrated. Okay so it added loads to the adrenaline-pumping moments. Well, I used to expect too high for Spectroscopy last time, but the result was way too far from the expectation. So, it is the same with Oleochem, I guess. And guess what, my presumption was correct. I got *! I thought I could get better than that but that's it. Farah told me, when it comes to that paper, we had to write down anything we know about the question and I thought I already did that but it didn't turn out the way I want it to be. I had even stayed 3 hours in the hall and squeezed all the juicy knowledge that I ever come to know. At last, I got that result. Yes, you deserve what you get. Bear in mind.

All in all, I must say that I am grateful. Coz my result is okay though it dropped from last semester. Just try to find the small space in that bountiful heart of yours to accept the naked truth. Why does truth has to always be naked? I don't get that one.  

That's all ranting for today.

Hasta la vista babies!


Erma Fatiha said...

abag rizal abas

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Its ok. He knows best. Try harder next semester..

little ain said...

tahniah! (: dapat deanlist?

dzilalamir said...

it`s okay bebeh. u`ve tried ur best. DL jgk kan... hehehe.

p/s: ape keno dgn wedges xhengat dunia tu???

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