Wednesday, February 01, 2012

something is WRONG...


I do realize something is definitely wrong with me. Lately, I experience vertigo quite often. Do you know what does it mean by vertigo? Vertigo means you feel as if you are doing a somersault turn though you are actually just standing still. It feels like the whole world is spinning round and round even when you did not commit any excessive or abrupt movement. I'm scared for it's not common for anyone to experience this thing too often. 

What do I do? Save me!

The worst thing I had with vertigo was 3 years ago, when I was a first year student. That night, I was sleeping so soundly in my bed at my hostel. At around 4 am, I heard a hard knock on the door. Since my room was near to the front door, the sound could be heard very clearly that I woke up in no time. I knew it was my senior who came back late after a study group with her pals. Abruptly, I got up from my pillow in order to drag myself to the door. Suddenly, I felt that the room was spinning! It spun way too fast that I had to lead my way back to the pillow. It was too overwhelming. I guess it was because of the sudden movement I made that moment. At that time, I was quite scared because it was the very first time I experience such thing. I didn't feel any pain nor nauseousness in that. It just felt like having a full spin, as if I was thrown in a whirling washing machine. Me myself don't understand why did I not feel like throwing up. I was baffled, till the very moment I write this sentence. Hmmm... *pensive*

That's it. That's how vertigo took me in. How do I overcome this? I am clueless. I think the vertigo has something to do with my migraine. I have to find remedy soon. There are so many problems arouse once you have migraine. It's not good you know. It's bad if you befriend with a man called MIGRAINE. You feel weak, you have no appetite, your face always turns white and pale. You always feel dizzy and sleepy. Your mind won't be alert enough to your surrounding. All this thing will make you have a bad day. Everything will be not good. Everything. You won't be in good mood to get to work. Even if you force yourself to work in such conditions, the end result won't be good. Its all about bad things when you have him as your friend. So what I am gonna do now is to get rid of this friend of mine. So hear what I'm gonna say to you:

Hey Mr Migraine, stay away from me! Or else, I will get some nice sharp needles tuck on your neck to drive you away. Do you not get me? Do you not? I mean BEKAM la wey... Bekam, bukan BECKHAM! That's the Prophet's habit in ensuring prosperous health. I had one last time and it was EXCRUCIATING!!!!!!! I wonder why??

Woops, I better take some medicine for me headache...

(Naah, medicine do no good for your migraine)

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eencyweency said...

There are moments that I will have vertigo oftenly and my mom said it's normal due to gastric?

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