Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Unfortunate Children

Talking about unfortunate children

Children should be loved and handled with tender care

Unfortunate children. What do you understand about them? I bet most of you will imagine small and skinny kids begging for food along the streets in Africa. Indeed, if you type those words on Google, you will find the same story. It's a cliche. 

Yes, famine is one of the predicaments faced by unfortunate children all over the world. But remember, there are so many other adversities as well. Other unfortunate children face a lot of ordeals and pains in life. I would like to talk about children who have to live with divorced parents. 

How would they face estrange in the relationship of their beloved ones? Some may rebel, some may not.

Actually, I felt so sorry for those children with divorced parents. Why? Coz I had heard of one story about such unfortunate child. You see, this boy comes from a poor family. It's okay if they are poor, as long as it is a happy family. He is the eldest in his siblings. What makes me feel amazed was the boy is so smart in his study. Although they had to live in uncomfortable house, that boy still managed to keep in track of his school's life. Maybe he's a genius. But even a genius needs to study to get great marks in exam. No pain, no gain. I hold my head high for people capable of accomplishing such achievement. 

But things started to be bad when their parents were having conflicts. The parents almost get divorced. Not long after, the boy's performance at school gets dull. Maybe it was due to pressure. How could a child survive and glow is such a depriving condition? It's so unfortunate when such capable child is wasted. 

Actually, both parents and teachers play significant roles in the development of children. Parents especially, have major role in moulding their children into the perfect shapes. Sometimes, when these kids become rebellious, teachers seem to blame on their behaviours. Instead of trying to approach them and ask what's wrong and what not, the teachers seem to neglect them. It's not fair and it's not profitable. Children are assets for the country. They are the future leaders hence must be treasured and inculcated with good values of life. 

Estrange or divorce have big impact on children's emotions and life. That's all I can say...

Nichkhun is definitely a fortunate child (not a child anymore when he turns 24 this year). He has good family background and he got lots of fans who are crazy about him. He should be thankful of his blessed life. 

Babai. See you in another entry.


dzilal said...

hahaha, nak jugak nickhun jd model fortunate `child`.

little ain said...

akk, ape ni. asyik ambik nikhun kitee je. kite xsanggup nak bermadu dengan akk. haha.

Jαnnαhツ said...

dzil, nichkhun itu satu kemestian. hahaha!

dik ain, bermadu pun tak salah. kekekeke.

little ain said...

mmg la tak salah. tp kte taknak laa bermadu dgn akk. HAHAHAHAHA.

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