Thursday, June 28, 2012

Of Happiness and Depression #2

I would like to tell the story but my heart says no need to brag la Jannah. What a waste of time la bebeh. Let the story stay with me. Kan sonang.

But then again, the ambivalence and the unbridled passion in writing are forcing me into doing this. Okay here's the bits of the story.

Why Memoir of the Memento? Coz it is a precious present given by those people which has become such a sweet reminiscence to me. The memento reminds me of each and every one of them. And I hope what I give them will benefit them as much the memento will benefit me. Insya-Allah. 

The memento does not come solely as itself. It teaches something meaningful to me. Something beyond what we call materialistic. It signifies the beauty of appreciation; their appreciation towards my service as a trainee at the company. Thanks people. Thanks for making me understand the meaning of responsibility and the urge to carry it out. Thanks to make me realize that only when we make contribution to the society will they come to remember and appreciate us. If not, we'll never be worth noticed. 

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