Thursday, July 05, 2012

Constantly Moving

Yes currently I am constantly moving. No rest for me coz I do things at last minutes. Procrastination does no good to human. And it really bugs me. When you have to do things in a limited time frame, you feel so burdened. You force yourself into doing it even though you are very tired of it. No matter how much you despise doing things forcefully, you still have to do it since it is an obligation. 

Last time, I was so stressed when having to complete montage within a very short duration. I even slept at 4 am but when I woke up to see Haji K, he commented on a lot of things. It felt like a big chunk of rock was dropped on me. I was so stressed. But at the end alhamdulillah I managed to complete it. 

But two days ago I repeat the same mistake. I did my report also at the very last moments! What a weird way of repenting. Repenting you say? Duh!

Pengajaran: Jangan buat kerja last minute........

gambar xde kaitan

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