Friday, July 27, 2012

Epic Fail *Lemon Chicken*

I was so excited to try on new recipes for fast breaking. Up till now, I had cooked several recipes like Siakap 3 Rasa and, and..... and what ah? Huhu. That's all? What a lame. Hahaha. Okay. Today I cooked Lemon Chicken. It looked so tempting. Nevertheless, things didn't go as planned. I had wished to prepare Lemon Chicken for the main menu but it did not come out well. It tastes too milky! Eww...

I don't know where is my mistake (my sister suggested the absence of honey caused it). The marinated chicken were smelling so good when I was doing the frying process. They smelled so sweet with the harmonious mixture of marinating gravy made of lemon juice, soy sauce, sugar (substitute for honey) and olive oil. But when it comes to the sauce, the epic fail is created. Wuawuawua!

Instead of using coconut milk, the recipe stated the usage of evaporated milk (susu sejat yuols). Maybe because I am a noob cook, the gravy/sauce became too 'muak' (do you know what's muak in English). Even my sister said so. But my parents say okay (maybe they want to keep me at ease so that I'll always do the cooking with no fuss , bahahah).

Lesson learnt, never give up. Always look forward to trying new things. Assalamualaikum. Don't use bye or hello coz these words aren't meant for muslims. Till then.

p/s: tak epic sangat pun fail yang nie. still habis se mangkuk. tehee!

Okay Nichkhun, no more Lemon Chicken for you! Hate you!!!!

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