Monday, July 09, 2012

Why do I blog?

There are plenty reasons of it:

1) I just simply love writing. And blogging is the best way of quenching my love and unbridled passion for writing. I just love WORDS!

2) Blogging is fun. I get to tell stories of my own and also others.

3) It enhance my writing skill.

4) It's been a hobby since I was in my primary school. Err, I mean writing was my hobby that started around that age. But I started to blog 3 years ago, when I was introduced to blog by una amiga, Farah Azmi namanya.

5) I am kind of jiwang person so I tend to reminiscent about old things and rewrite my line of thoughts into words in my blog.

6) I love language. I once thought of making writing as my career. Well, it doesn't go that way. I took Chemistry though. Huhu. It's okay, I got both; English and Chemistry.

7) I love telling stories in weird ways and making jokes. Coz it makes people happy. Some may not be happy. Apa aku peduli, aku punye blog. Wahahaha!

Blogging is good for me. Whenever I got stressed, I will write. It somehow gives me relief. All in all, blogging is a very good hobby coz by blogging I think I have come to be a better person. Yabedabeduuuu!!

Okay bye, I nak tido now. Ciao.

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