Monday, August 13, 2012


Do you know what's color blocking? It means combining loud and proud colors together (and sometimes bringing two contrasting colors together)

A person with the common fashion sense means a person whose attires are of matching colors (or in other words, complementary) as suggested by those fashion connoisseur. But lately, it's been a trend out there to apply color blocking in their fashion. For example, you can match bright orange blouse with a green long skirt. Simply daring and bold. 

If it was years ago, color blocking might be seen as a fashion crime. But nowadays it is not! In fact, lotsa celebrities out there are appearing in such a new wild trend. Well, crime is not always gonna be a crime, especially when it comes to fashion. There are styles that are even coming to live action after undergoing some changes and what not. For example, polka dots fashion which was popular in eighteenth century had actually become a hit again since... I don't know since when but it did revive. Hahahaha (spongebob-style laughter). If you notice, Korean artistes often use color blocking in their appearances, which make them look young and lively. 

I am a color blocker and I'm proud of it! *Lee Min Ho as in City Hunter*

The most outstanding color blocker is the attempt of mixing white and black, or, black and white. Well, you see, it's often true that color blocking is not meant for faint-hearted people. You need to be boldly extroverted in order to be able to bring it into your fashion. Daring fashion is for daring people, remember that. As for me, I am quite an introverted person so it is not easy for me to style this fashion. 

I also try to color-block. Well, too bold isn't it??

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