Thursday, August 02, 2012


Being a woman means you can get helpless at the sight of bags on those shopping websites from the internet even when you go window shopping just for fun yaw! You can spend hours and hours of time just to browse the hundreds of bag designs until your eyes get tired. Oh no is this a shopaholic syndrom? 

I got tempted by when I saw the ads at TV3. Actually I already read about this shopping portal from my previous readings at blogs and webs but I didn't give any attention to it. Why? Coz I don't think online shopping is a good way of shopping goods and on top of that, I think it is quite an uncertain method coz you see at things-to-be-bought virtually in those websites in the hope that the actual thing would look the same (though in many cases they do look the same). Okay I know how confusing I am. Ahah!

Actually, weeks ago, I was just idly and randomly browsing the Zalora website; killing times. It was the TV ads that should be given credits for. Iklan tu memang chantek menarik tertarik kau memang de bomb. Its creative way of advertising had really made the brand stands out! Oh gosh I love Zalora! Initially I was looking for shoes coz I had already gone to several stores at KT and to my surprise (again) there were no shoes of my size!!!!!!! *paranoid*

Okay, that's called bluffing. Actually they got no size of shoes as mine for the designs I had chosen. Got it peeps? Please try to understand me beloveds. Well, I am a 168-cm girl with a shoe size of 39 (EU measurement). It's not easy to find shoes of that particular size in my hometown, just so you know. Kalau pergi shopping kat bandar KT tu, mesti tak jumpa saiz kasut untuk design yang aku berkenan tu. Kalau ade pun, mesti design yang dah lama, tak pun design yang aku langsung tak berkenan di hati. You know what I feel everytime that happens? I feel helpless, pathetic, sedih, cuak, marah, down gila-gila, and banyak lagi perasaan yang serba negatif mula bersarang di hati. Hesh! It feels like I'm a giant living in a small world. That sound too much yeah I know.

Memang banyak barang kat Zalora ni and kau memang boleh jadi gile sebab asyik cuci mata bershopping sakan padahal bulan Ramadhan bukannya untuk bershopping tapi untuk mengutip pahala. Ya Allah, kuatnya dugaan-Mu. 

Padahal, aku still tak jumpa kasut. Lain yang dicari, lain pula yang berkenan. Astagfirullahalazim, kenapalah orang pompuan bernafsu gile time shopping? Ugh, I hate this guilty pleasure.

Apabila nafsu shopping mula merasuk jiwa (skang ngah gila angau nak cari handbag pulok. Hampeh)

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