Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Oh no miss oldie!

♩ Wake up in the morning feeling lil bit giddy 
♬ Grab my glasses I'm out the door I'm gonna help my mommy 
♪ But before I leave I screamed like crazy 
while bending backward
Oh no, it hurts like hell!!
What the??!

Okay. This morning I woke up with a pretty bad backache. This was the umpteenth time I got the same recurring pain at my back. Like seriously, it was a serious backache when I could hardly move and walk around. I was trying to figure out why did I have to experience that excruciating pain. Therefore, I decided to get back into bed in the hope that it would help release me from the unbearable pain and to my surprise, it even got worse once I woke up. Oh no what a pain in the back!

On top of it, I got another problem. The problem was to move my right hand. Today it happened for the second time (the first time being when I was at MAFAST'12 dinner). Every time I try to lift my right hand, I feel this kind of indescribable pain on my right shoulder (particularly at scapula area). When it happens, I had to release my hand from the attempts of reaching things or lifting things. I am nervous with this phenomenon. It had shaken me so hard. I'm afraid I'm gonna have chronic disease.  

My assumption to what causes this is my stomachache. Ya Allah, please release me from this pain. 

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