Saturday, August 25, 2012

Raya di Kuantan




On the fifth day of Eid, me, my sis, bro and parents went to Kuantan to celebrate raya with our tok and tokki who live there. Din and Bami didn't come due to some reasons (of which I dare not to disclose). Hahaha. Well, just enjoy the show, er the photos, I mean. 

The beauty of the trees at the playground had prompted me to snap snap some photos. The weather's been nice and the pics came out stunning! Love the greenish views that somewhat gave me serenity.

These were taken at Mak Cik Zainon's house. Her daughter was the one who was betrothed but we took the opportunity to take photos with the pelamin lol since she was nowhere to be found. The journey to her house was challenging though. Mujur Exora aboh tak masuk parit. Haha.

 versi endah tak endah *please puke now*

We also dropped by to go raya at my best friend's house at Kerteh. It was a good visit. She seemed happy to have received the shawl. Suke lettew....

Haha anyway I'm so drowsy right now so chow for now!

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