Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That awkward moment when your feeling coincides with other's

I was sitting at the table while enjoying the lunch with those happy friends. Suddenly I was taken aback. It feels as if the moment had already been experienced before.  Is it dejavu? I wasn’t sure. It has given me goosebumps. 

I just ignored the feeling and tried to continue having a decent lunch. The taste of massive amount of cheese from the pizzas had overwhelmed me. I started to feel a bit sick. Maybe I’ll get a pretty ugly migraine after this. Sigh.

Amidst the urge of having to withstand both the strong taste of cheese and the guilty pleasure of devouring those free delicacies, suddenly a friend who was sitting in front of me said something which I found so surprising;

“Kita rasa kita macam pernah duduk dalam situasi macam nie.” Raihana was the one who speaks. She is a petite pretty girl who has soft voice with a somewhat hard-to-get personality. But she’s nice.

“Kita Nampak Jannah dan Dzilal, makan sekali. Ya Allah, serius macam pernah alami menda nie.”

She was explaining excitedly while smiling at us. Me and Dzilal looked at each other with utter disbelief. I was feeling the same strike of dejavu but didn’t say a word about it. I just kept mum even I was figuring out how such miraculous coincidence could ever happen. 

It was strange. I felt strange; having the déjàvu strike coincides with other’s déjàvu. Sometimes it reaches to the point of spookiness. Woooo~~

p/s; when I got home, I had this severe headache. I asked my friend, what on earth had happened to me. She said maybe I got cheese allergy and I was like “WHATDE???!”


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