Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thrice the Fun

Wow, it felt like ages that I didn’t meet them (almost 5 years!). They are close friends of mine at SEMENTOJI, Nor and Munirah. Actually, I have another one close friend, Nisah but didn’t get the chance to go to her house (sorry Nisah I don't know the jalan!). I know how suck I am when it comes to knowing roads and directions and whatnot.  Coz even going to these two friends’ house had already given me spinning head when I got a bit lost and when I got back home I slept so soundly after driving. Noob kot. Hahaha. Tulah akibatnyer dok gi mmari (a.k.a pergi dan mari atau come and go) Got what I mean??? 

When these 3 people met, so many stories came out. I was the one who is not really into alumni/gathering (but maybe I got too much reasons to say here) hence I don’t really know much about the whereabouts of our friends.  Only FBOOK that keeps me aware of some of all those spicy stories.

We were talking about those who had got married, our lives at universities (Muni is studying medic at Egypt while Nor just graduated from Biotech at US) and also reminiscing the good old days at school. It was so happening. I still remember how pampered I was when I had to stay at hostel during my 1st year at secondary school that Nor realized how pitiful (I call pathetic) I was while hiding those reckless tears near the cupboard at the back of the class. That was the time when I get to be her close friend. Okay, okay now I know I can get too reminiscent. I know I can be too jiwang that some of you could possibly not hold the pukes. Eww.

Actually Siti should have joined us but because her father used the car, she couldn't make it. That's okay la Cik Siti kita jumpa lain kali aje la. Siti amik medic kat Ireland and now sambung kat Penang pulak. Wah, dua orang kawan aku dah nak jadi doktor dah. Syabbas sohabat!

Alahai, aku je la yang belajar dalam negara. Takpelah, everything happens for a reason. When asked whether I had this kind of regretting feeling upon the decision to not study abroad (UK), I said this,

"I do have a bit regret on that but everything happens for a reason, ada hikmah di sebalik apa yang Allah swt tentukan,"

That's okay. Things happen and there are plenty of reasons of which most of us not know of. I still have my life with my friends here in USIM and being a USIM student has been something I can be proud of. I love USIM and its islamic environment. Go go USIM, long live USIM! Hahahaha...

May the ukhuwah last forever. Ameen~

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