Friday, September 14, 2012

Beg Ladam Kuda

It's got nothing to do with Gangnam Style dance okay??! Ehemm.... (clearing throat)

Hye guys!

Remember when I posted about the loyalty things previously? Now I'm not being so loyal after I stumbled across this Forever 21's Saddle Bag when I was carelessly browsing those online shopping websites. Oh seriously this had left me in total bafflement.

I was so astonished that I got easily mesmerized with this one. Before this I had already promised to myself "Enough shopping, Jannah. Enough!" but at the sight of this choco-coloured saddle bag in Aan Boutique, I  had lost control and lose my mind. It simply grabbed my attention. Oh I hate that I love you! Coz this is going to cost me money, ugh!

Right image showing the saddle bag by Forever 21 whereby on the left side is Fossil's saddle bag. Pretty much alike but Forever 21 is much more affordable (because it's made of faux leather)

It's gonna be looking like this on meh! Grrr...

Just so you know this bag is so affordable! But I'm still wavering over wanting to buy it or not coz the decision is gonna cost my life! Ok excuse the exaggeration but it actually is quite correct coz I know how stupid I have become after I started to get involved in this miserable online-shopping life. Only Allah knows how miserable I'm going to be. Only Allah knows how I'm losing myself when I become 'slave' for this shopping stuffs. It's sickening you know (and don't forget; CONTAGIOUS!)

Okay that's all for tonight. Enough talk, and go to sleep!

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Jαnnαhツ said...

I cancelled my plan to buy this bag... wuwuwu

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