Thursday, September 27, 2012

Burgeoning Cache

Okay now I'm way too engrossed doing online shopping and I get too carried awayyy to add my bag collection. I know how screwed I can be and I don't know if I can be any much more screwed than this! Ugh, this indulgence is so not good! And so costly. It's not easy not to fall for those temptations. It's simply irresistible. .

The black Fourskin Supersize S840-01 Sling Bag is so durable (from the way it looks) and simply designed. I think the design really suits me and it defines me. I am a simple person and I wish my bag to be simple yet durable. Why durable? Maybe because I love to use things for a long time. I like to stick to one item at a time and it really would define the real me. But the real problem is that this sling bag is too large! It can be categorized under duffel bags. It's large for crying out loud! The width is 49 cm and it can be used as traveling bag. What I intend to add to my collection of bags is not such bag but a smaller bag which can be used for casual outing. This is too much, though the design is really sporty and smart.

The second option is the chocolate Saddle Up Bag by Forever 21 (but this one is replicated one from AanBoutique). This is a good bag. I love it coz I love chocolate bags! Nomu nomu chua hey!!! Okay, okay. Chocolate rocks! Nevertheless, the strap is not so wide. It's small. So we cannot carry heavy stuffs inside the bag. What a drag! 

You see, it's not easy to become a good online shopper. I mean to be good to the point of really finding the item of your choice. It's not easy. It's difficult okay???? (redundant)

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dilal said...

Wei men blog lgi k. Ak syak mu off nset..

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