Thursday, September 13, 2012


Waa... aku sudah dipanggil untuk interview kerja!!

Nervous oh. Nak pegi ke tak?? Nak pegi ke tak?? Takutnyer!! Nervous campur excited. Sampai sakit perut sebab nervousness itu telah trigger irregular bowel movement dalam perutku. Waaa, very unbearable!

Phuh (exhaling). I am actually very keen to getting job. Any job. Apart from wanting to escape this growing boredom of being at home doing nothing, I also desperately need money to feed my unbridled greed for online shopping. Ugh ugly meh! I know. The position I applied at the company is customer support executive, meaning I'll have to deal with customers and suppliers and also to maintain the good relationship between those two parties. It requires me to be an extroverted person and confident. Am I brave enough to take the challenge?

Aku sebenarnya nak cari pengalaman je. Even kalau tak terpilih pun, at least aku akan dapat pengalaman interview. But still ada masalah. Aku nak pergi ngan sape? Sapa nak ngantor? Waaah, dalah mak ayah aku bimbang nak lepas anak pare dia ke KL. Wuwuwu, I'm doomed!

But still, I feel like going. Yes, Insya-Allah! I'll have to ask my cousin's help I guess. Weeee~

Yes, I'm going!!! (insya-Allah) gotta ask restu from my dad and mom dulu. 

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