Sunday, September 16, 2012


Nothing  much. Just wanna rant about our family cat, Bubu. 

Bubu is a cat docile enough to always answer the calling of her masters; us!. But usually she came rushing to get food la. Kekeke. The person she never fails to answer is my mom. She really recognizes my mom's voice. It was like she is meant to answer the call. Like today, she was resting in our room, looking all gloomy and moody. But once my mom call her "Bubu! Bubu!" she immediately rose and scurried to the kitchen. Me and my sister were stunned to see the reaction of our cat. It was like magic!

Haha, cats are cute, aren't they? When you live with them for quite some time, they'll be bonded to you so strongly. They'll understand what we say and what we want them to do. I always find it amazing when Bubu understands what I said to her. This morning, I saw her curling on the floor at the kitchen, tilting as if she wanted to ask for food. I was quite mad coz she always would come in my way when I wanna do stuffs at kitchen. It was disturbing to the point that I almost trip and fall when she was rolling around my feet. Then I said this, "Bubu, doksoh maing sinning ah. Wak serabuk je. Gi maing jauh nuh!" translation: Bubu, you better not play here. You're such a drag. Go and find somewhere else to play!"

Surprisingly, promptly she rose and walked away. She walked so slowly and weakly as if she was in deep sorrow. Yes, I learnt from that incident that cats also have emotions and they can also be hurt. So we need to be aware of things to say to them since they can understand those words said to them. Then I tried to make up to my bad attitude to her. I went to stroke her but she didn't even purr. That means she's moody and grumpy. So, don't treat your cat badly. Say good things and never say harsh things so they won't feel cornered. 

Ahli keluarga saya semua suke kucing. Anda bagaimana?

Adikku sayang kucing sampai sanggup tidur dengan si kucing. Aww~

Nodin pun suker gile main ngan kucing. Siap main lambung-lambung lagi

Time rayer pun dia nak interframe. Kekeke...

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