Thursday, September 06, 2012

I baked monsters!!

I tried to bake buns but it turned out to be monster-like baked dough! Arghhhhhhhh!! So frustrating. Not only the look is gruesome, the taste is also revolting. Ah, what an epic fail.... So sad. 


Okay enough bluffing. I know how horrible I am when it comes to baking buns. But sure still the taste is quite okay and still edible. The look is quite tempting with those melted choc chips despite the taste which is quite muaks, and you know, the muaks feeling means you get to be full even after having a pinch of it. 

So funny when I put a plate full of those monster-like breads in front of aboh, he said, "Whaa, macam raksaksa. Roti amenda nie???" with utter disbelief. I laughed at his remark. Okay I know I'm monster maker. Kekekeke. My dad is always like that, full of sarcasm. Sabar je lah. Hahahaha.

p/s: dalam pada kutuk-kutuk tu, dia makan jugop. hehehehe 

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