Saturday, September 15, 2012

Random Narcissism

Hye, guys!! How are you?? Today is a day of being exceptionally all cheeky and witty for me (hehe). Actually this is the first time I try to be a bit fashionable by donning the navy-coloured TALL dress from Poplook which is bought online. The dress is so tall that I have to wear wedges to avoid tripping it and falling embarrassingly lols. Since the dress is sleeveless, I got to pair it with a cardigan, also bought online from Eljameela boutique. Seriously the cardigan is so long! It is long enough to cover the peachy part of your body (hihi). It is made of cotton and I feel so comfortable wearing it. It doesn't give you even a tinge of heat when going outside for any occasion. It suits all occasions, I guess. 

Oh well, I forgot to mention. This is my sister with the little envelope bag. I let my sister wearing my bag since I got no confidence to style the chain-strapped bag. Fyi the chain is golden. I thought I saw the chain to be silvery in the website but when I bought it, it appeared to be golden!! (eyes make mistakes too??) Oh, I don't fancy gold stuffs that much. I don't know why but making the chain stands out seems a bit gaudy. But when my sis made is as a cross-body, it looked quite nice on her since the chain strap won't show that much as it is hidden beneath the tudung labuh. The way she put it on was quite impressive! Well, the bag suits my sister so much that I intend to give it to her (er actually sell to her). 

That's it. That's all I got to share today. 

Excuse the cheekiness! :P


Lauren said...


AKU DEMAM..pieces!

Nadhirah Ahmad said...


Anonymous said...

weh,serius cantik hg pakai dress tu.. n hg nmpk cam kurus ja..jeles tau.

gegurl pulau :P

Jαnnαhツ said...

haha. kurus ke? bile tak pakai tudung aku nampak cam pregnant ngan baju tu. kekeke.

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