Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Life is not easy. It's never been easy. Life is full with predicaments, challenges, ordeals, pain and sadness. You name it.  Everybody experiences the same things in life, only in different forms. We certainly want the best in our life, but things do not always go the way we want. That is why we need to prepare ourselves mentally and physically in order to face the coming challenges. 

I hate it when some people say, "I cannot face big problems. I never wish to face any irregular problem in my life. If possible, I don't want any problem at all," This is a stupid statement made out of sane judgment. Nobody wants problem, yeah of course but lets face it, there is no life without problem!!!

People who utter such words are so coward. They dare not face problem. It's not that they don't know how to face problems, it's just they don't wanna face them. They rather not get involved to avoid problems coming their way. Don't they know, problems are the one who can actually turn them into better persons?

Life is not easy. It is NOT. Nobody wish a life of hell. Most of the times, things can go wrong. Most of the time, things happen out of our meager control. We cannot escape fate. Once it happened it happened. Despite this thing called fate, we must not let our future astray. We must take a full control of it. Why? Because we can change the future with our efforts and will. Do not let destiny takes care of everything while you are the one who can change yourself, your life, your everything. 

Allah did make the storyline of everyone in this life, but we can change our fate by efforts and tawakkal. We cannot just let it be. If we are born poor, it doesn't mean that we have to lament "It's fate that I'm poor, so let me be poor forever," No! This is a mistake. Take this piece of fact as a tool towards richness, towards being rich not only by physical, but also mental. If you don't nurture your heart while carelessly saving the richness for your physical pleasures, then you'll become filthy rich; a term for those who got rich via unrighteous routes. A term coined to describe ones who are externally happy and luxurious, but internally impaired and malfunctioned. 

I wish can get better life. I wish I can be a good person with no pretense nor blunt defense. I wish the best. 

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