Sunday, October 07, 2012

How old?

"Look at me. Guess how old am I?"

"Hm, 24?"

"WHAT??? I'm 20 for crying out loud!!"

Hahaha. That's what we call maturity that makes people look older than they really are. It's a cliche that people associate maturity with old age. The older one gets, the more mature he will be. It's wrong! Well, not so wrong but some are mature earlier than he/she is supposed to be maybe due to surrounding or people in their life.  Some may feel butthurt when people say they are old, but actually the old here means the maturity. Maturity doesn't necessarily mean old. Even some old people are not even mature. Old means people with wrinkles, while maturity always can always mean the higher level of thinking and behaviour as compared to their peers.

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