Friday, October 26, 2012

I baked monster! Again!

Hey pavlova lova dova lova vaaaaaa vavavavvavavaaa~

Oh no pavlova why you look so monster-like?? You are also too sweet to be true. My fruitless version of pavlova is quite ugly, I must say. I think I baked it wrong. Hahaha. Maybe I had wrong timing and used the wrong strength while whisking the egg white. Ngiahahaa. My monster-like version of pavlova got its name from its penyek look. Wahaha. Why? Because of my unnerving decision to remove it from its baking paper right after I took it out of oven after it sat there for less than 10 minutes. Talking about being impatient. Talking about how hard is it to make a meringue and bake a perfect one. I read on blogs that first-time meringue bakers would find it somewhat hard to get it done. So me being an amateur has less guilt then. Ops.

All in all, it tasted like marshmallow plus cotton candy (ewwww). It is too sweeet!!! If you have diabetic family members, don't serve this to them. It's too dangerous.... 

Adios..... for the time being...

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