Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Recently I took a part-time job which I find to be quite fun. I get to know a lot of things and meet new people of various ages. The oldest is 26 year-old. The youngest aka maknae is 18. And I'm in the middle of them, being merely 23. At first the job was quite exhausting that I get severe headache after got back home. But after some time, I get used to it and become acclimated to the tasks and new environment. Wow, I just love my job! 

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amer afizal azmee said...

salam, rajin awk update blog yer, selama ni ingat juz for season je nak uodate tapi rupa2nya kekal yer... bagus2, btw, nice blog to be seen.. n nice post too from nice person... goodluck tc.

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