Friday, October 19, 2012

Say no to Food!

All this while, I have stomach problem which is associated with food. So I think the best way of escaping this never-ending problem is by avoiding the root cause of the problem; food. 

I eat and I love to eat almost everything, but the food love to stay in my tummy that I often experience pain in my stomach, having headaches, severe migraines and feeling hot and always get sweaty. Those aren't so comfortable to experience you know. I also get fatter and plumper. It's not that getting chubbier means you will look ugly or what (coz sometimes chubby people are cute too). I don't like it coz my baju and seluar dah stat mengecut (fancy way of saying I'm fattening muahahahaha!). It's not easy to be abstinent towards enjoying food. It's like a torture!!!

I always love eating and I always eat a lot! However dear, my stomach is not created to process too much food at the same time and so do others' tummies. But mine is way too special.  It wants something in, but it don't give out. When it comes to wanting food, it triggers such fast alarm that I always feel hungry all the time. But to remove yesterday's meal (err, maybe even yesterweek's meal) it took quite sometime that I often have this stinky flatulence, which smell like rotten eggs or even rotting trashes. Hideous! Yeah you tell me about it!

Now I am gonna take the most extreme measure, which is to ban food (heavy foods that is). I will drink waters, lots of water to make my body cooler and to clean those intestinal linings.

My tummy will start growling!


Food is poison for you. Say no to food Jannah! (at least for the time being)

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