Friday, February 24, 2012

Duty & Obligation (Internship day 2)

It was a reckless driving!

Today I drove that red-o-car of mine to the office. It was only 7.00 a.m. at the moment but the road was already flooded with ‘racing’ cars, motorbikes, lorries, whatsoever. I drove with my friend who was sitting on the passenger’s seat. When I was driving onto the big road, I almost bumped my car into a motorcycle when I couldn’t see it coming from the right. It was due to the obscure view of mine which was caused by the dewy window. Also the motorcycle didn’t turn on the light, unlike many other vehicles, hence prompting me to miss the approaching hazard. Triggered by the alarm given by my friend, I then made a quick brake and drove aside before getting inside the road again. Phew, it was a CLOSE shave. Very close *kesat peluh* Allah masih sayang…

We arrived at 7.30 a.m. The parking lot was quite far from the office so we have to walk. Morning exercise is good for health you know. Huhu. Going up to second floor, I saw the manager room to be empty. Oh no, my SV is nowhere to be found! Again! He must be very busy. So I guess.

Today, the lovely Senior Engineer gave me some tasks. It was easy but for a beginner like me, of course I say it was somewhat tough. I took some time to complete it. The task was interesting dowh. I gotta see many things I already learnt in the class. Just going back to the last semester I learnt Oleochem Petrochem and also Industrial Chemistry. These two subjects helped me a lot I guess.

p/s: gotta fuel the tank after this. Drive safely bebeh. Peace yooo!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Duty & Obligation (Internship day 1)

The Beginning

Internship was boring on the first day but I wish it gets better for the days coming. I came with mi buena amiga instead of driving my own car coz I didn’t feel confident to drive. Just so you know my driving sucks! Blame me not coz I’m a beginner driver *though I already got a full license LOLzzzz*

I was put under a department which focuses on inspection and engineering. Everybody in the dept is so friendly and cheerful! They greeted me so well. I was quite happy. Initially, I felt so small, insignificant, and irrelevant to linger around them but it was their warm welcome and greetings which had finally made me feel more relieved and relaxed.

The one who first greeted me was a Sr Engineer. She introduced me to everyone there. Yes, I must admit it that it was an awkward moment when you were introduced to new people in the office amidst their busy working time. They were very busy, stuck-in-front-of-computers kind of busy. All I did was grinning as wide as possible. It was a creepy grinning, to be exact. :P

Alas, I should have met my SV but since he was outstation, there was no chance for me to meet him face to face. Well, just sabar je la…..Hewhewhew…

I really wish to learn new things in here. I wanna be exposed to real working environment of the industry which is known to be such a lucrative business. Some knows where I’m having my internship at. Just try your lucky guess to those who wanna guess. Hehe.

p/s: At last, I’m having my own cubicle!! Haha, so happy.

Though the cubicle I have is not as modern as this one, it is cozy and spacious

p/s/s: I should learn more about this company. So study more, less blogging poking fun!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Entri kali ni tak bertajuk. Malas nak fikir nak letak tajuk ape. Hmmm.

Dear bloggie. Skarang nie fikiranku sedang berkecamuk. Bermacam-macam perasaan sedang bergaul-maul skang nie (ade ke istilah bergaul maul?). Tadi siang aku tak buat apa-apa yang productive langsung, melainkan tidur dan tidur yang disebabkan oleh migrain. Pagi tadi aku asyik duk bersin je lepas Subuh. Maybe sebab makan ikan AYE (bahasa standardnya ikan tongkol). Aku memang pantang ngan ikan ni, memang akan bersin gila-gila punyelah, sampai pening kepala. 

Kalau ikutkan Isnin depan da stat intern. Tak jauh pun tempat intern tu. Kerteh nun je pun. But still it takes a 2-hour journey okay? Siyesly, aku rasa tak mungkin aku akan berulang-alik dari Kerteh-Gong Badak every week coz it's gonna be such a pain. Maybe akan spend masa ngan bestie je kot, takpun ma ngan aboh akan datang sekali sekala. Well, I'm no longer a kid so tak perlu hentak kaki tendang dinding nak harapkan mak ayah selalu datang melawat. I'm a BIG girl now for crying out loud! *emo* 

Memikirkan internship, I got nervous. Apa jenis kerja lah yang akan aku buat kat sana nanti eh? Harap-harap everything will be sailing smooth. Aku sebenarnya ada masalah keyakinan diri. It takes courage to face people around you. Maybe this is some kind of complex, inferiority complex. I got to improve the confidence in me or else, I won't achieve nothing. 

Frankly, I can say that today I feel very lucky to be elected as the director for the first-ever ICHEMTECH seminar last two semester (though it wasn't due to my own free will at that time, rather it was a consensus). All the tasks that were done during the seminar (you may read it here) was somewhat encouraging the confidence in me. I had to deal with people inside and outside the USIM. Though at first being a director seemed and WAS tough, I managed to go through all the hardships and obstacles with the Iznillah and also with the endless helps of my fellow friends. Without them, I'm worthless. That's what we call teamwork and delegation. And thank you Allah, the seminar was a success. 

Now, I must work on the confidence and other soft skills in me, in the hope that I'll be ready by 20 Feb 2012 for the internship.

Tetibe rindu kat si Ahoy, satu-satunya sister of mine (lam siblings) yang tetibe kena pegi camp SPM semalaman. Bosan kot sebab takleh bergaloks and bergadus ngan budak nie. Hehehe...

Thanks for reading. 

p/s: aku rasa CHAOTIC MIND mungkin seswai dibuat tajuk. Takpun, PMS. Huhu

Words of the Day

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


takde kaitan ngan entri

It took hours of blood pumping and nerve-wrecking moments before I finally get to see my result. I was so nervous after my friend text-ed me that the results had come out. Even at FB they're all updating statuses about the results. Some were happy, some aren't. Well, lets face the truth Jannah, whatever the outcome may be, just accept it benevolently. You cannot change it. You can do so months ago if you'd wanted to. Hmm...

I guess, everybody was overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness to check the result and that's why the line got so busy. I was almost giving up to logging in. Naah, let it be laah! But then, I cannot just let it be. The curiosity makes me completely distraught. It lingers around like a foul smell. Being determined, I tried to reboot the laptop. Waiting for the server to come to live, I was imagining things with the subject Oleochemical and Petrochemical Technology. The questions in final exam was quite okay, but the marking that made me shivered. Woooo~

Opening facebook, I was getting much more nervous when someone who took the same paper said that he was quite frustrated. Okay so it added loads to the adrenaline-pumping moments. Well, I used to expect too high for Spectroscopy last time, but the result was way too far from the expectation. So, it is the same with Oleochem, I guess. And guess what, my presumption was correct. I got *! I thought I could get better than that but that's it. Farah told me, when it comes to that paper, we had to write down anything we know about the question and I thought I already did that but it didn't turn out the way I want it to be. I had even stayed 3 hours in the hall and squeezed all the juicy knowledge that I ever come to know. At last, I got that result. Yes, you deserve what you get. Bear in mind.

All in all, I must say that I am grateful. Coz my result is okay though it dropped from last semester. Just try to find the small space in that bountiful heart of yours to accept the naked truth. Why does truth has to always be naked? I don't get that one.  

That's all ranting for today.

Hasta la vista babies!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brownies of Noob Pâtissière

Hello and assalamualaikum peeps!

Semalam aku bernekad gila nak buat brownies. Hari tu aku terbaca blog wawa. Dia ada buat post pasal brownies. Wow, it was brownilicious! Really mouth-drooling too. So, I went to surf on the recipe and saw this. I gotta try la ini recipe. Nampak sedap and ramai orang yang dah cuba and komen resipi nie. And mostly   rambled on how delicious and easy it was. And as for me, I thought I'd try it myself. Alas, looking at the recipe, I was somewhat upset since some of them are not available at the nearest stores. So I thought I was gonna use the ingredients at home je la, lebihkan amount untuk gantikan bahan yang tak ade. Boleh ke camtu? Menjadikah brownies-mu? Ha, kita saksikan. 

Brownies idaman. Namun, seperti biasa, yang kau punye memang takkan jadi macam nie. Bhaha!

Nak kata senang, boleh la jugak. Bahan-bahan pun senang je sebenarnya. Cuma aku malas nak pegi kat bandar KT semata-mata nak cari bahan-bahan yang exact macam dalam resipi. Nak buat brownies je pun. Lain lah kalau orang tu memang jenis selalu masak kek atau desserts, memang kena ada bekalan bahan-bahan mentah selama setahun untuk buat cookies, cakes, pudding, bagai-bagai. 

For the brownies, I didn't have emulco choc and brown sugar. So, aku cume lebihkan serbuk koko Tudor and gantikan brown sugar dengan gula biasa. Bukan gula aising ye kawan-kawan, tapi gula yang kau guna nak bancuh kopi/teh kat umah. Bhaha. Pun bolehhh......... Dalam tu, dia cakap coklat emulco tu akan tambahkan perasa coklat dan akan bagi kaler brown dekat brownies-ku. Takpe, jadi je brownies aku tu kaler coklat. No hal. Keke.

Pukul punye pukul, campur tu campur nie, and then bake at 180 degree. Wallah, after 45 minit or so, siap! Ready to garnish. Hmm, I am sooooo poor at garnishing especially when I do chocolate garnishing. Often, the look won't be that tempting (but sure the taste is ohsem). Aku masih mencari resipi macam mana nak hasilkan garnish coklat yang bukan sahaja enak dipandang malah lazat ditelan. Ada sape-sape nak bagi komen? 

Wanna know how I did the garnish?

Hiarghhh, hambik kau coklat cair! Gaya ninja meng-decorate cake

Pastu, taburlah butiran badam di atas pusara brownies. Badam tu mesti goreng 
tanpa minyak before letak atas coklat cair tu.

Tada, here you go! Brownieszzzzzdhh! *qalqalah*

Ready for bites! Ignore presentation of the brownies by the reckless patissiere. Sure she is a noob patissier. Patissiere? Layak ke digelar patissiere? Pui. Berhabuk kau potong itu brownies. Ngeh.

Aik, dah masuk tupperware dah ke? Er, actually, mende ni manis sangat-sangat coz aku letak 1 cawan gula!! Lalu masuklah ia ke dalam bekas untuk disimpan ke dalam peti untuk santapan hari esok. 

And hari nie bila aku makan, okay je rase dia. Takdelah semanis kurma, eh bukan. Semanis semalam. Just nice. Desserts memang mostly manis and pelik la lau dessert tak manis. Nama pun dessert, pemanis mulut gituww. 

K bye. Jumpe lagi di masa hadapan, di waktu dan hari yang sama dalam rancangan NOOB PATISSIERE di mana? Mana lagi kalau bukan!!!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Animal Garden

Ulat misteri. Do you know what is the name of this ulat? Tell me.

Ulat misteri. Matanya di bontot. So cute.


Fuh, it's a hot day. I'm so tired. Meh!

Err, hye peeps. Don't realize you were there.Whassup?



Opps, suddenly I got a bed to lay on... Ngeh!

Bzzzzzzzzzzrrrrrr..... Meeh!

Cat's Fear

If those who are afraid of cats are called ailurophobia, what is the word to best describe the fear of cats to us humans? You may even ask, does it even make sense when cats are afraid of human? I say yes. Living humans are way much scarier than ghosts.

Our cat, Didi is afraid of people, especially outsiders. He even freaked out when he saw us doing any sudden movement. Last day, my sister saw him wandering inside our house. She got excited and rushed towards Didi but unfortunately, she almost tripped and fall! Then, she tried to balance herself by spreading her both hands, and from behind you can see she looked like as if she was trying to attack the innocent little kitty. Pronto, Didi scrammed and hid under the sofa. He was actually cute when he did that. That's why we love him.

Didi just dare to look us from afar (bajet stalker kot Didi nie)

Actually, everything happens for a reason. The reason why Didi got afraid of any sudden movement was when there was a chaos inside of our house months ago. At that time, our cousin's daughter and son had come to our house. Like usual, we let our cats into the house. When the little children saw those cats, they suddenly screamed so loud that me myself was quite shocked. As if they saw a tiger. I know actually they are afraid of cats but I don't think it was necessary to exaggerate that much dude. The house was loud as is was banging with those screeching sound of screaming. 

Didi was extremely shocked and disturbed. Panicked and afraid, he then scrammed and even peed himself! We pitied Didi. Poor Didi. Ever since the incident, Didi can hardly enter the house. He'd just wander around at the yard playing with anything he could reach to. It's pathetic when he even played with the small stones at the yard (?). That's how he had to deal with his boredom.

But slowly, Didi gets to overcome the fear by trying to approach  us and the house as well. At first, he would run away once my sister or brother took him inside the house. But now, he would himself jump in from the open window and stay inside the house. Still, he would run and hide under the couch or cupboard when he sees any abrupt motion from us.

Didi is actually a pretty tame and good cat. He'll be nice with you if you approach him gently and lovingly (ecewah!!). You got to know the nature of your pet in order to befriend with them without any problemo. 

Didi looks cutely grumpy here. 

That's all about my cat- our cat to be exact. Pics are credit to ahoyy.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Hello everybody and assalamualaikum.

Just wanna rant about my boring daily routine at home. Hihi.

Since my daily routine is quite boring, I tried to do something different out of the norms. Today, I tried making TAMAGOYAKI. Do you know what's tamagoyaki? It is a rolled omellete aka telur dadar gulung. Seriously, nampak sedap giler bile tengok Japanese or Koreans eat those cute-looking tamagoyaki. Rolled eggs dalam bahasa Korea aku tak tahu la pulak, tapi kalau nama Jepunnya tamagoyaki. Simply delicious.

Tamagoyaki. Umph, the inside is oozing like wow! *drooling*.
Looks delicious right? Seriously, this is epic!
 Sadly this is not mine. Mine is not that tempting duh!

My noob version of tamagoyaki looks like this:

Noob pun noob lah, janji boleh makan. Hahahaha!

Senang je buat mende nie. Tapi kalau nak buat tamagoyaki yang kiut-kiut sampai rasa sayang nak makan tu memang susah lah. Kau mesti ada kepakaran yang tinggi. Kena bersabar untuk bagi telur tu bergulung dengan baik. Lagi satu, isi dalam telur tu tak boleh bagi masak sangat, nanti jadi keras. Tak sedap. Kalau keras, tamagoyaki pun susah nak menjadi (macam aku punyer). Huhu.

That's all my ranting for today. Thanks for reading. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Caffeine is Bad

Real clips from Fugitive Plan B

Tau kopi tu bahaya, tapi still tak bleh nak tinggal. Ottokaji?

Unfortunate Children

Talking about unfortunate children

Children should be loved and handled with tender care

Unfortunate children. What do you understand about them? I bet most of you will imagine small and skinny kids begging for food along the streets in Africa. Indeed, if you type those words on Google, you will find the same story. It's a cliche. 

Yes, famine is one of the predicaments faced by unfortunate children all over the world. But remember, there are so many other adversities as well. Other unfortunate children face a lot of ordeals and pains in life. I would like to talk about children who have to live with divorced parents. 

How would they face estrange in the relationship of their beloved ones? Some may rebel, some may not.

Actually, I felt so sorry for those children with divorced parents. Why? Coz I had heard of one story about such unfortunate child. You see, this boy comes from a poor family. It's okay if they are poor, as long as it is a happy family. He is the eldest in his siblings. What makes me feel amazed was the boy is so smart in his study. Although they had to live in uncomfortable house, that boy still managed to keep in track of his school's life. Maybe he's a genius. But even a genius needs to study to get great marks in exam. No pain, no gain. I hold my head high for people capable of accomplishing such achievement. 

But things started to be bad when their parents were having conflicts. The parents almost get divorced. Not long after, the boy's performance at school gets dull. Maybe it was due to pressure. How could a child survive and glow is such a depriving condition? It's so unfortunate when such capable child is wasted. 

Actually, both parents and teachers play significant roles in the development of children. Parents especially, have major role in moulding their children into the perfect shapes. Sometimes, when these kids become rebellious, teachers seem to blame on their behaviours. Instead of trying to approach them and ask what's wrong and what not, the teachers seem to neglect them. It's not fair and it's not profitable. Children are assets for the country. They are the future leaders hence must be treasured and inculcated with good values of life. 

Estrange or divorce have big impact on children's emotions and life. That's all I can say...

Nichkhun is definitely a fortunate child (not a child anymore when he turns 24 this year). He has good family background and he got lots of fans who are crazy about him. He should be thankful of his blessed life. 

Babai. See you in another entry.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Welcome Aboard!

Hello everyone! Today I wanna introduce you to someone. All this while she was a silent reader but now, she is an official follower of my blog! At the same time, she's having her own blog!!!! *excited mode*  She's none other but my own BFF,  Dzilal Amir . 

Welcome aboard pal! 

You're my 128th follower by the way. Weeeee!


Sunday, February 05, 2012


You can see pain nor touch it, but surely you can feel it. I experienced that pain today. I know, there is no such pain that can be compared to the one experienced by moms during delivery, but still, that kind of pain I was having was so excruciating to me. Indeed it was. 

The pain was unbearable that I whined and groaned most of the time. Yes, it was piercing from my feet to the top of my head yo. But no matter how painful it was, I had to put up with it. It was for my own sake. Insya-Allah, all my diseases will be ended soon by doing that. Hopefully.  

Yes, that was all I had hoped for when I was walking on the pebbles. You know what's pebble? Pebble is kerikil. Batu-batuan sungai. The ones you see at rivers and sometimes at the beaches. Wow, such a miracle these small cute stones can do to boost your health. They say pebbles can be used to treat lots of diseases. People from the old times had been using pebbles to improve their health and cure many diseases. Ancient people used to walk barefooted on the ground to invigorate their bodies. Yes or no? I'm not sure but that's what they say. Rumours can in fact be true you know. Huhu. 

Actually, I don't think it's a baseless rumour. Like, seriously. I had walked on the pebbles this evening and I already feel the difference. Believe it or not, my body seems to be releasing lots of gases! You know what I mean right? They can be released in two routes only, by burping and?? You know what. Flatulence. You science peeps better understand what I'm saying. Grrrr *snickering*

Well, I actually have lots of gases in my tummy and it's not easy to release them. The doctor had once said, "Jannah, awak ni banyak angin la..." Bukan kepala angin kan, doc? Yes, I got lotsa gases. It's undeniable. Coz my stomach is not in good condition. I got poor digestive system. It's nasty to have stagnant gases. Those trapped gases can make you feel uncomfortable. When your body cannot release those gases, they will give you headache and sometimes migraine. I tell you what, these two fellas are very good together. They give you the double-the-fun effect when you are planning to have such a nice day. What a sarcasm. Well, what's life without sarcasm, aight?

I need to continue this pebble therapy once every two days. I read from somewhere that it is not good to do reflexology everyday for it may hurt your nervous systems. So I advice you all who have problems like mine; migraine, to do the same thing. It is an enjoyable activity though you have to bear with the pain. Just like what they say, NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Friday, February 03, 2012


It was gross okay? Having to see your cat vomiting in front of you while you were having a late supper. Eww! Luckily, I was done eating. My sister was still eating though, and I was astonished to see how she could continue eating after witnessing such hideous scene. She didn't stop eating after averting her eyes from the upsetting and unprecedented incident. That little girl continue eating so steadily, as if nothing ever happened LOLz. Memang tabik springgg ah, ahoyy! It's good not to have any squeamishness or queasiness whatsoever. Boleh jadi pakar bedah la adik aku nie bila dah besar nanti. Huhu.

Yeah, it makes me lose me appetitez

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

something is WRONG...


I do realize something is definitely wrong with me. Lately, I experience vertigo quite often. Do you know what does it mean by vertigo? Vertigo means you feel as if you are doing a somersault turn though you are actually just standing still. It feels like the whole world is spinning round and round even when you did not commit any excessive or abrupt movement. I'm scared for it's not common for anyone to experience this thing too often. 

What do I do? Save me!

The worst thing I had with vertigo was 3 years ago, when I was a first year student. That night, I was sleeping so soundly in my bed at my hostel. At around 4 am, I heard a hard knock on the door. Since my room was near to the front door, the sound could be heard very clearly that I woke up in no time. I knew it was my senior who came back late after a study group with her pals. Abruptly, I got up from my pillow in order to drag myself to the door. Suddenly, I felt that the room was spinning! It spun way too fast that I had to lead my way back to the pillow. It was too overwhelming. I guess it was because of the sudden movement I made that moment. At that time, I was quite scared because it was the very first time I experience such thing. I didn't feel any pain nor nauseousness in that. It just felt like having a full spin, as if I was thrown in a whirling washing machine. Me myself don't understand why did I not feel like throwing up. I was baffled, till the very moment I write this sentence. Hmmm... *pensive*

That's it. That's how vertigo took me in. How do I overcome this? I am clueless. I think the vertigo has something to do with my migraine. I have to find remedy soon. There are so many problems arouse once you have migraine. It's not good you know. It's bad if you befriend with a man called MIGRAINE. You feel weak, you have no appetite, your face always turns white and pale. You always feel dizzy and sleepy. Your mind won't be alert enough to your surrounding. All this thing will make you have a bad day. Everything will be not good. Everything. You won't be in good mood to get to work. Even if you force yourself to work in such conditions, the end result won't be good. Its all about bad things when you have him as your friend. So what I am gonna do now is to get rid of this friend of mine. So hear what I'm gonna say to you:

Hey Mr Migraine, stay away from me! Or else, I will get some nice sharp needles tuck on your neck to drive you away. Do you not get me? Do you not? I mean BEKAM la wey... Bekam, bukan BECKHAM! That's the Prophet's habit in ensuring prosperous health. I had one last time and it was EXCRUCIATING!!!!!!! I wonder why??

Woops, I better take some medicine for me headache...

(Naah, medicine do no good for your migraine)

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