Monday, November 26, 2012

My Convocation Story

Alhamdulillah tudung menjadi masa konvo! Hahhahhha!! Yang tu penting. Kalu tak, mesti huduh gambo. Hihihihi.

Ya Allah, terharu sebab ramai gila famili yang datang nak celebrate konvo aku. Sob sob. Empat buah kereta kot datang dari area Selangor semata-mata nak meraikan konvo- Kaklong, Kakteh, Sirazi dan Kak Sa. Semua cousins yuols. Huhu. I love you all la sebab buat I nangis macam nie! Tipu, tak nangis pon, cume near-fall tears je la yang ada. Terima kasih semua! Thanks for the flowers and all the wishings and lovings! 

Elated (omo, cannot help myself from noticing the worn ugly bag of mine. ugh)

Rasa comey je masa nie. Maybe sebab berdiri sebelah orang comey kot. Kekekke

Adomak, muka aku cam katak puru plop dalam gambo nie. Ni sebab kena pegang bunga banyok sangat sampai tak cukup tangan wooo. Wuhuhu. 

Oh, ibu dan ayahku..... Thanks atas segalanya....

Sahabat-sahabat High School Musical 3 (baju konvo merah menyala!)

Sahabat baik!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sedih bila digelar kutu. Wuwu. Please stop calling me KUTU. I am not KUTU!!!! Or else, I will die because of melancholy. Aku ada maruah jugak. Sudah-sudah la hina aku dan panggil aku kutu. I am human for crying out loud! And I am your child!!!

Heh, kau cakap aku kutu??? Memang makan dalam (terasa hati)

Monday, November 12, 2012


There are several things I wanna buy for the impending event this very end of November.

1- Shoes

I think, the most important thing that makes one feel confident when having to walk up a stage is shoes. Shoes-they determine your WHOLE appearance coz we're talking about walking onto the stage. You walk in shoes for crying out loud! You got to be confident and at the same time, comfortable. I'm not gonna opt for any heels or wedges coz my feet hurt wearing those types of shoes. I really envy people who got themselves a pair of dazzling wedges and walk carefree on the esplanade for, maybe a TV commercial. Hahhah! It's quite baffling whenever I see extra tall people (like myself) wearing heels. Looking at them, I'd be wondering, don't their feet hurt? Oh no. 

It's bad to wear heels you know. It'll affect your ankles and this will only be seen and felt once you get old. It's all about ergonomics. And I had seen this after-effect on an ahjumma (old lady) who works at the place I was having my practical at. She said she was so into wearing heels when she was young. And as the result, her ankles end up bulging and swollen and we're talking about irreversible kind of swelling. I was quite terrified you know. It was huge! The bulging looked like she was suffering from gout. Horrendous! Being beautiful sure does make one pays high price.

As for me, the apt kind of shoes would be FLAT. Oh yes. I love flats and I always feel like floating in the air when I wear flats. Hohohoho. Flats is my everyday kind of shoes. It really makes me feel comfortable and I would always be confident in whatever I do. I did try wearing heels and it didn't work for me. I would feel so  unstable and this slight dizziness. Eheh. So no wedges for you. Or you would prefer tripping and falling on the very crucial day!

Maybe gonna grab this kind of shoes.  

2-Two-tone coloured tudung

Girls have a lot of tudung collection you know? And we, girls are constantly and shamelessly adding tudungs to our burgeoning caches of tudungs! Tudungs are like crowns. Well, we're talking about convocation day and nobody wanna look monotonous on this important day. Nah, it is not that IMPORTANT, but still it matters to me. Ahah! I just wanna buy a two-tone tudung, maybe at Stesen Bas Kuala Terengganu coz there, we got like a heavenly haven for tudung shoppers!! You can get crazy when you step your shopaholic feet at this place. There are so many kinds of tudung with so many colors and prices. What I love about this place is that the price of tudung are very much affordable. One L-sized tudung awning would simply cost you RM20!! If anywhere else, it would cost up to RM30!!! Crazy what???

Sweet color-blocking and daring look


Wargh!! Another handbag? I learned a lesson about ONLINE SHOPPING. You tend to be dissatisfied upon receiving your item!! No more online shopping!! Just shop at the stores so that you can feel the material  yourself and really wear them before really buy them! Ahah. That's simple rule of buying items and feel satisfied upon paying. And to avoid that guilty feeling whatsoever for making quick yet stupid decisions. Ugh!

Okay don't condemn my taste in handbags!! I just love vintage and simplicity! Does it warrant a DEATH sentence??!

4-Black slack trousers/ Jeans?

Okay this has been in my to-buy list for quite some time, but I kept delaying so that's why it got stuck in the list for too long. I wear blouses, knee-long blouses. So wearing jeans won't be a problem since the blouse would cover the KLCC towers hahah!!

So that's it. Hm....

Hey wait!! I got one more!!!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pre CoNvO

Bila orang shooting gambar pre convo, aku pun menggatal nak jugak. Last-last boleh adobe gambo orang je lah. Hahaha...

Berangan nak ada kembar. Ha, amik kembar 4 terus!!

Gambar ehsan dari erma fateha. thanks ema! merasa aku nak pre convo. kekekee!

Friday, November 09, 2012


Dido dan Oren merenung masa depan, nak jadi lecturer ke nak keje sebagai chemist. hurmmm...

Olololo.... Dido!

Bila da penat stadi, perut terasa lapaw, muka kawan kat sebelah pun da nampak macam makanan

Dido dan Oren bajet cute la tu main gesel-gesel masa orang tengah stadi.

Asal nengok pen je mesti nak cakar. Ish.

Oren pikir amenda tu?

La, last-last tetido lepas penat kaco orang stadi

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Too fast too furious

I talk too fast and people don't understand what I said. Well, I just talk fast when I got nervous...

slow a bit will ya?

Thursday, November 01, 2012

mi gato está enfermo

my cat is sick you know. he got no appetite, he was so not active, had no mood to play with his uncle. he didn't even bother to eat. he's unwell. poor mi kitty.

he was too docile that he stayed wrapped in the piece of cloth and snugged with comfort

"ugh give me some cat-panadol!"

mellow melodies

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where you can reach me.