Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ever been in a catch-22 situation? Ever felt like having to decide on things which would only make things get worse?

Ever felt like escaping a crocodiles' crib and going straight into a tigers' lair?

Ahaha, stupid meh! Terlepas mulut buaya masuk kandang harimau?? It's an idiom by the way.

Insya-Allah, this hesitation will go away soon. And pretty sure to hope that either way would give me benefits, not dooms. The feeling of being in such catch-22 situation is hopefully delusional. 

Imma be strong. 

Imma be independent.

Imma be fine.  

Imma be ME. 


Kebahagiaan Hidupku said...

Man Jadda wa Jadda, my dearest sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

erma fatiha Muhammad said...

cepat decide!

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where you can reach me.