Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Why? Why does it take so long to find the song that had been banging in my head since my childhood? I just could only remember its bits and pieces lol which sounds like this 'why why do i have to be a fantasy, ........become reality....' and another line I got to memorize is '......together as one...' (the blank area is of course the parts which I failed to remember). And at the end it goes like 'nanananannanana....' Hahaha! Such a simple memory of a noob childhood. Huhu. 

The lyrics are not easy to remember them all since I got a brain of a merely innocent 7-year-old girl. Nevertheless, the melody is way too sweet to forget! So it remains forever in my head. Hohohohoo... And today, a thought strikes me and I got this urge to restart the searching mission. Achewaahh! To me, it's so fortunate that I felt like trying the attempt to search the song again since the timing is so perfect. 

How so? It goes like this.

I idly typed some of the chorus lines (like above) from the song and I got the answer at last! From Yahoo Answer! All thanks to Google and also the memory of my good English. Hehehhe.

It turns out to be the song sung by Miss Tiggy. This song was way so catchy. Having to be attached to such song is quite overwhelming to a 7-yeaar-old me, I guess. Huhu. Tiggy is the singer of the same era with Vengaboys etc. Reason why I love the song is probably because of its MELODY. It was so sweet.

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