Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bitten and Broken

Yesterday I was bitten by my cat Dido. It was painful you know, and I was shocked upon his daring act of beating me till I shed blood.

I was so mad due to some reasons while I was preparing some lauk for dinner. While having my stomach growling, I was so carried away with my anger till I didn't realize our cat was also there at the kitchen. I only realized it when he suddenly bite me so hard at the heel. The bite was so strong that I screamed so loud, 


I screamed not because I felt pain, rather than that I was shocked. I then continued cooking but suddenly I felt this pinch in the vicinity of the bitten area. I looked down and I was startled at the sight of blood drips. Oh no!

After realizing there was blood, I started to feel more pain. How much the sight of the blood has affected my feel of pain. The pain felt like my foot had been stabbed by a knife. Spooky how the mere sight of blood could actually change my perception on pain. 


p/s: don't ever delay your pet food time coz they may be monstrous.

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SemuanyaOK ^^ said...

ohhoi..that's my cat!
psychology is dangerous, aight!!!!!!!!!

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