Sunday, March 17, 2013

Epoch of Life Reminisced


They are a gift. They are gentle and beautiful.

They are so motile that they would go out in the yard playing with so much engrossment till sunset. Never did they care the banging shouts of the angry mums and dads. Never did they feel the lethargy till the energy was drained out at the very end of the day. Their joyful and naive smiles make you wanna revive those times of yours. Like how we used to be, they are also fragile and vulnerable at such a young age. Nevertheless, they are strong. Stronger enough to face the world without any speck of worry. Their world is a world of total freedom. Free to commit any wrong or good yet not to be punished.

Like older people, kids might be cantankerous at times and this is when we need to be gentle to tackle such kids. Kids are innocent. They know nothing of the world's hardships and challenges. All they know is play and play and play. They know nothing of accountability nor responsibility. The era of a kid is an era of blissful joy and worryless. Being adult, on the other hand, is full of problems and worries. There are myriads of things to think of and an avalanche of problems to solve. Once being an adult, there's no turning back. With load of things to take care of, once might be just as crazy as I am now. Crazy me is nothing more than impetuous mindless piece of meat. 

Humans- they always take things for granted. Having the thought of turning back time is useless. Never look back to return to the past, but rather pick something useful from the past as a tool to construct your better future. Nobody asks you to forget the past and say let bygone be bygone. Just simply try to understand the deeper meaning of it. Look back with the eyes of redemption. Look at your past with no regret but with hopes and determinations for the future. Correct yourself and build the better you inside. Then only can you pave your own path towards the happiness. Easy to say hard to commit. Yes I know it.

Many times did I think of what the real purposes of me living. What are the main purpose of me living in this wrecked world? I felt hopeless at times. And when it happens, I got moody and stressful. How I wish to terminate all these laments of mine, 

Looking into these naive faces make me wanna go back into those unpretentious times

See how happy those faces are? Never did they care how they look. They live to play like the world is theirs.

Kids are precious. How I wish to have one (ops) 

These little cheeky wits are their parents' pride of life

Fares the grumpy baby. Never go near him for he'll bite you. Hahaha!

When I was a kid I wished to grow to be an adult quicker than anybody else but when I realized I was an adult I wished that I wanted to go back into being a kid. How ironic the world is, isn't it?


laskar pelangi said...

comel gambar gambar tu semua.kreatif je dia edit.

eh! kita g beli cupcakes tu,tak kenal pun tokey dia. dah memang lalu jumpa kedai tu. try jela beli...hihi

SemuanyaOK ^^ said...

manusia memang camtu, masa kecik nak jadi besar, masa besar nak jadi kecik...hehe

aip...nak anak ke? amboih

such philosopher

Jαnnαhツ said...

Hahah philosopher la sangat. Actually aku mmg suka nak jadi philosopher but things don't go the way I planned. Wow??

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