Sunday, March 03, 2013

Japanese & Korean Mix

It's Steamboat night!

Wow, steamboat is just amazing. It's delicious. It's fantastic baby! It's a blend of joy and harmony. And I love broccoli the most!

Having steamboat at home kinds of making me nervous especially in making the tom yam. I despise tom yam if I am to have it with rice. But when it comes to steamboat, tom yam is the best!!!

Luckily we have My Recipe dot com where I referred a recipe from. It was a simple recipe and alhamdulillah it worked! How do I know it worked? It's simple. When my brother I asked me this:

"Tom yam ni mu beli ke?"


Paham-paham la kan? Ihiks. Or maybe dia saja nak flatter aku. Tapi my niisan is not that kind of brown noser person. He is quite picky when it comes to foods. So I made conclusions that if he says the cooking is okay so it's okay. Hahaha. So now who's being narcissistic?

Tapi still kurang oomph makan steamboat since momma is not home. My okasan is in Sabah having her visit with UNISZA team. Huhu. Have a safe trip home, ma.

p/s: thanks to Mitsui san yang setia menemaniku memasak. Tanpa Mitsui, siapalah Eun Jung. Ahahahah.

Siblings make good cooperation

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